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About Individual Hypnotherapy Sessions
with Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI

1 (800) 398-0034
Or (510) 839-4800

Directions to Marilyn's office will be given upon booking an appointment.

Fulfill your Highest Potential;
Accelerate Your Growth.

You can have powerful positive changes in your life.

Accelerate your level of performance.
Get the results you want on exams, in public speaking, in your career, in sports
- in any area that is important to you.

End old habits
You can stop smoking and control overeating.
You can lose the weight you want and put an end to any habit that you truly want to release.

Heal your life
Effectively transform old obstacles and fears; get in touch with your source of spiritual strength.

What happens in a session?

We talk confidentially about what you’d like to explore.

You learn powerful techniques that can be used for anything from subduing cravings for cigarettes to alleviating pain and anxiety or handling your emotions.

You then experience deep relaxation or hypnotherapy. Here we get in touch with your deep inner mind, helping you to discover what is taking place within you and creating powerful opportunities for healing.

You will receive a CD, made during your session, that you can listen to daily to support your changes.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us by phone or email:

Toll Free: 1 (800) 398-0034
Or (510) 839-4800

Directions to Marilyn's office will be given upon booking an appointment.

Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI, certified hypnotherapist, healer, teacher, speaker and author, has over 30 years experience teaching in such areas as professional development, meditation, yoga and hypnotherapy. A Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Michigan, she is mentioned  in over 13 Who’s Whos, The Dictionary of International Biography, and has been a nominee for International Woman of the year.

She is the author of several books, the latest one called, Extraordinary Healing. She is the founder and director of the state-licensed Center for Hypnotherapy Certification near Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA.

She has been teaching hypnotherapy techniques in workshops, hypnosis schools and international hypnosis conferences for many years. She writes a regular column for the National Guild of Hypnotists’ “Journal.”     

She works in the area of profound mental-emotional-spiritual transformation. Marilyn is compassionate and inspirational. Her purpose is to work with love to amplify the good and the talents in others, to help them heal mind and body and empower their lives.

What some of our clients have said:

"I've noticed a remarkable change in my overall attitude towards life. My co-workers have told me that I’m a lot calmer. I love listening to my tape." - N.B.

"It's amazing how this works. Once again, I have no pain, and the tape is beautiful." - C.A.

"I passed my test with flying colors, and now I’m an RN. You impacted my life! Thank you once again!" - R.L.

"I took my exam to become a Spanish court interpreter, and I passed! It was the third time I took the exam, and this time, with your session and the tape, it helped me so much!" - S.L.

"The session with you was a wonderful experience. I haven’t had a cigarette at all. Thanks for everything." - A.G.

"I did really well on the airplane. I couldn’t believe I was doing it, but it went really great. Thank you so much again for giving me the tools and showing me the way! I am forever grateful!!!" - G.Q.

"Since our session, my income is increasing in miraculous ways. The work you did with me made a huge difference. I was also inspired to see how beautiful your space is, and I listen to my tape often. Thank you!" - N.K.

"Thank you for the wonderful, incredibly healing session that we had together. It blows my mind how effective one session with you has been – especially given the plethora of other healing modalities I have tried before." - S.D.

"I've been consistently losing weight because of our sessions. I lost 12 inches and 11 pounds in a relatively short time." - M.L.

"Wow! Our session was amazing. The nail biting has stopped, and I’m doing so well." - C.H

"I feel so good, it’s almost unbelievable. You’ve done wonders for my life. For two years, I felt terrible, and in the last two months, I’ve only felt a bit under the weather for three days. People tell me how much better I look; I smile, my color is back, I go out instead of lying in bed all day. I tell everyone about you and how for the past two years and 15 doctors, the work with you has helped me so much more. After just two sessions, I’ve got my life back!!!! My kids are glad to have their dad back. Thank you a million times over." - R.W.

"Things are going very well, and I’m having no trouble staying away from sugar and alcohol. I had a brief initial detox period, and now things are great. I’m losing weight, and I feel like I have the energy I need to be present and responsible for myself in my life. I listen to my tape every night just before bed, which puts me into a state of relaxation, leading to a full night of deep sleep. Ahhh!" - M.G.

"Everything is going great with the smoking. This has been the longest time I’ve gone without it in 13 years. I don't even think about it." - A.F.

"I feel calmer than I have ever felt in the days just before a flight. It’s a kind of miracle for me, and I have to thank you for helping me when I thought there was no help available. Many thanks for your gentle guidance and care. I felt no fear on the plane, even though there were periods of turbulence, and I was never once panic stricken. I even looked out the window. I did the techniques you taught me, and I listened to the wonderful tape you made for me. My sincere thanks to you." - C.C.

"In six months, I am 30 pounds lighter and back on the higher path to getting where I need to be." - M.E.

"I had major surgery, and the doctors and nurses were struck by how calm I was and how phenomenal my recovery was –all because of the preparation that hypnotherapy allowed me. I was a whole new level of awareness. The pain was also so totally controlled, and my healing was dramatic!" - S.L.

"Our session truly opened me up to a very beautiful and powerful place of love inside of me. You are such a precious gift to me. Thank you again so much." - S.D.

"I get more accomplished here in a session than in six months of therapy." - C.H.

"I have no desire for sweets. I thought I would, so I bought some ice cream the other day. I only had about a spoonful and didn’t want it. So thank you again!" - J.B.

"Having my wisdom teeth removed went better than expected! I had hardly any discomfort, didn’t have any swelling, and I’m recovering great." - A.B.

Hypnosis is Spellbinding!

It’s a safe, natural, relaxed state of consciousness.  You keep your full awareness and control, and yet you get so relaxed that you have access to your subconscious (and superconscious) mind. Hypnosis can help transform your life!

Here’s what other clients say about Marilyn:

“After trying everything else, I am finally experiencing profound material changes in my life through Marilyn.”
Max A, Marketing Director

“Stopping smoking was so easy, it was shocking!”
Dave R. Manager

“Marilyn Gordon is a gifted, ethical hypnotherapist.   With her help, I have been able to lose weight permanently without dieting or deprivation.  I highly recommend her.”
Maria R. Tubbs, M.D.