Center for Healing & Transformation :
Beautiful Space for Workshops, Sessions, & Office Available

            Up until now, we've been saving our center for ourselves, but we've had a revelation that it's time to open it up for others to sublet and enjoy. So now our wonderful center is available for rental, and you may find that it's perfect for your needs.

            Here are the details:

            Our aesthetic professional space is available for sublet for seminars, workshops, movement, yoga classes, private sessions, office, or healing space. It features a glass wall with beautiful balcony garden, and it's sacred space. The space is private, inviting, and quiet. There are two bathrooms, fountain, sound system, and it seats 15-40 people depending on the seating arrangement. The entire space is approximately 1200 square feet. This includes the dining area, main room, and bathrooms. The main room is approximately 400 square feet. The beautiful outdoor deck/garden is approximately 350 square feet.

            We are looking for reliable, conscious people who will honor our space and use it regularly for positive events. Please email us or call us at: 510-839-4800 or  and let us know what you intend to use the space for.  We will be happy to take you on a tour.

            Rental is primarily weekdays, but we do have some weekends available. A few weeks of the year are not available, but most other times are. It's available Monday- Friday from 8am-6pm = $150 per day. We are willing to work with you on fees if you are looking to use it on an ongoing or long term basis.

               See more photos here.

           Call or email us at 510-839-4800 or


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