The Transformation News, October 2008

October, 2008

What's Really Going on in Our Current World Situation -
A Spiritual Master's View
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We all know that huge shifts are taking place in every aspect of our social fabric. You'll no doubt be happy if I don't enumerate them. One teacher named Siva Baba says that there will be even more in the forms of climate changes and natural cataclysms. His view on this is that we are being forced to shift our consciousness and return to spirit, to the essence. He emphasizes that it's a massive learning process in which we're being beckoned to come back to spirit, to God. He also says that a Golden Age is about to begin as this time unravels. (Think: 2012) 
Whether you subscribe to this or not, you can enjoy the vision of a Golden Age that is being predicted. It's a time of peace and enlightenment in which the ego is kept at bay. He recommends going beyond the negative and fearful mind right now, chanting  mantras and saying prayers. Then all negativity will be erased and you can access the realms of the miraculous in which there is only peace.

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