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What Do Rumi the Poet & the NFL's Roger Craig Have in Common?
Become Transformed at the "HypnoWeightLoss Workshop" on May 20th!
Remember Your True Self at "The Life Transformation Seminar" on June 3rd with Marilyn Gordon!
A Special Note to Our Graduates
Thank you!
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Arnold Patent Brings Us "The Heart of Transformation"
July 27-29

Arnold Patent, great author and teacher, is coming to our center to share and expand the powers of joy, abundance and divine love! Don't miss this magnificent experience. Read Arnold's books: Money, The Journey, You Can Have it All and others. Find out more here! Don't miss this opportunity to move to another level of your consciousness.

May 22
with Gerri Levitas

Come to an informative, inspiring, and deeply transformational workshop to assist you both personally and professionally to make the shifts you want. Learn new techniques for yourself or your practice.WIth Gerri Levitas, wonderful hypnotherapist! Find out more here.

The Life Transformation Seminar
June 3
with Marilyn Gordon

Come for a profound transformational experience, and gain new knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Release limits and remember your radiance, love, and infinite abundance. Step into your true power, and create breakthroughs in your life. With Marilyn Gordon. Find out more here.

Hypnotherapy Certification Intensive begins June 11!

Be a part of the next great training from "A School for Your Soul!" Find out more about it here.

The Great Poet Rumi

Read Marilyn's Rumi article, "A Guest House in Your Soul" here.

The Remarkable
Roger Craig

Read about Roger Craig here.

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Dear Friend,

     Believe it or not - both are spiritual teachers in their own way. They both teach the spirit of loving and embracing everyone and everything. I once had the great honor of flying to Oakland with champion football player, Roger Craig, and I didn't have any idea that he'd be a great spiritual teacher for me that day. I didn't know much about him as I don't follow the game, but I did know that he'd been a model for a full-page ad in the San Francisco Chronicle for a pair of Jockey shorts, and the sheer beauty of form (Michelangelo in quality) that had leapt out from the page was memorable.
A Paragon of Love
     Roger Craig, I learned, was a magnanimous humanitarian. He acknowledged with love everyone who recognized him. He held their hands, patted their backs, struck up conversations with them, and showed them he was as happy to see them as they were him. Everyone he met at the airport and on the plane that day - all idolized him, and he idolized them back. In a word, he was a paragon of love. To meet everyone with love: that's what Roger Craig knew so well how to do. Embrace everyone and everything.
Embracing Everything
     That's also what Rumi, the great Sufi poet, did. He wrote about not leaving anything or anyone out. If you have a pain or a feeling of anger or fear, embrace it. Invite it to sit at the table with you, and by giving all of it recognition and love, it will shift within you and become your ally. You can read an article I wrote a while ago on Rumi's poem "A Guest House in Your Soul." by clicking here. All your negative and challenging feelings, Rumi says, invite them in and "be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond."
Sending You Love
     So it is in the spirit of embrace that we send love to you this very moment. Do come to our wonderful programs. We honor your presence. *****

Here's What's Coming Up!
     Would you like to experience more of this first-hand? *
*HypnoWeightLoss, May 20. Come to an informative, inspiring, and deeply transformational workshop with Gerri Levitas.
*The Life-Transformation Seminar with Marilyn Gordon,
June 3. A profound training based on Marilyn's upcoming new book, The Wise Mind: The Brilliant Key to Life Transformation and Healing.
*Hypnotherapy Certification Intensive, begins June 11.
*Free Introductory Program for Certification, June 2
*HypnoBirthing (TM) Classes for Prospective Parents, five classes beginning June 23 with Dianne Kathryn Short, Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner. Learn relaxed, natural childbirth methods.
*Transformational Healing Method" 2-Day Certification with Marilyn Gordon, July 14 & 15
* Parts Transformation Workshop with Beverly Taylor, July 22.
*The Heart of Transformation with Arnold Patent, July 27-29
*Secrets for Shaping Your Future, August 5, an encore performance of a dynamic and popular workshop with Dianne Kathryn Short.
*The Life-Transformation Method Certification Program,Marilyn Gordon's 3-Day Pre- Conference Training at the National Guild of Hypnotists, August 7-9 in Boston! Enroll through the NGH web site.

But wait! There's more!:
Medical Hypnotherapy in August, John Gray in September, HypnoBirthing Certification in October, HypnoCoaching in November and December, as well as Psychic Skills Training! That's a lot! Come join us for these awesome programs!!
* Wonderful Products - including professionally recorded THM DVD sets (now at reduced rates) and more!

Read more about the next several programs below!

Love and many blessings to you,

Marilyn Gordon

Become Transformed at the "HypnoWeightLoss Workshop" on May 20th!
      Come to the HypnoWeightLoss Workshop on May 20th! Release old emotions that block energy, and create new feelings of intention and possibility. Learn new techniques that are easy and enjoyable. In the HypnoWeightLoss Workshop, you'll learn not only how to successfully create results, but to sustain them. You will learn the importance of body composition for your own weight loss or as a practitioner. You'll learn innovative techniques to handle night eating, emotional eating, snacking, and portion control - and learn how to release them - without judgment or criticism, but with acceptance and joy. Hypnotherapists will become Certified HypnoWeightLoss Practitioners. Open to both professionals and non- professionals. Gerri Levitas is a very successful HypnoWeightLoss practitioner who has assisted hundreds of weight loss clients. Click here to find out more.

Remember Your True Self at "The Life Transformation Seminar" on June 3rd with Marilyn Gordon!
     We are radiant beings of love, wisdom, and infinite abundance, though we often hide this power from ourselves. Come to amplify your love and power and enter a new phase of your life. This seminar, which has received rave reviews and accolades, is based on Marilyn's forthcoming book, The Wise Mind: The Brilliant Key to Life Transformation and Healing. Experience profound higher self meditations, re-understand your life through universal wisdom, and learn ways to transform anything in your world. Come to see with new eyes and feel happy, free and in touch with your infinite self. Experience vast improvements in well- being, health, career, prosperity and spiritual power. Find out much more here.

A Special Note to Our Graduates
If you'd like to review and practice the Transformational Healing Method, you can attend the THM two-day training for only $75. Let us know if you'd like to come. The next one is July 14 and 15.
We have some new modules in our training, if you're interested in attending: Psychic/Intuitive Development; Spiritual Development; Energy Healing; Mind Healing and Consciousness Transformation, and Dianne will be teaching Hypnosis for Childbirth.

Thank you!
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More About Our Center and Our Certification Program
     We have a superb training with eight teachers, an awesome curriculum, and a beautiful new center, which features a full Meditation Garden that can be viewed from our classroom through a wall of glass. Click here to see photos.
     One graduate said to us: "Thank you for everything. I feel very prepared. I am so pleased with my new directions. I truly learned from a Master. You gave me EXACTLY what I needed." RD

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