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March 2008

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How to See Your Life in a Transformed Way

     You can you take an entirely new point of view toward something that has taken place in your life and tell yourself a story about it (since you've already done that, sometimes by seeing the story as a difficult or negative experience.) You take a transformational point of view in which you see the great overview from the vantage point of the Wise Mind. The old way would be: "My wife left me, and I was filled with grief, and it ruined my life and took everything I had." The Wise Mind way would sound like this: "I had a great fierce teacher who came into my life and opened the possibilities by freeing me to be able to go on my path of healing. And though it seemed to be very painful at the time, I know as I look at it now that it was a great transformational experience. It gave me a sense of my own power. I realized that the true reality is love, and I opened myself to see the love in everything."

     This is different from "denial." It's an altered perception in which you understand that events are not what they have seemed to be, but experiences that you can interpret from an elevated view. An even more elevated view would be to see the love and compassion that lie at the core of all apparent realities and provide the materials for your enlightenment and wisdom.

Read more about this in The Wise Mind. Take a look at our newest web site,

Wonderful Programs Coming Up in Oakland & Boston
Coming soon:

March 30 - The Wise Mind Life Transformation Seminar


    Experience vast improvements in well-being, health, career, prosperity and spiritual power. Make dynamic, positive shifts! Experience powerful inner technologies for transformation, and gain new knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Relieve stress, anxiety, fears, loss, and more. Create breakthroughs in your life!

Click here to find out more!
March 29, Saturday from 4 to 5:30
Free Introductory Program for Certification coming up! Find out much more here.
April 5 & 6 and May 3 & 4
HypnoCoaching Certification


    Become a Certified HypnoCoach, and expand your work to a new level. In just a short while, you'll have the ability to do life-coaching work in person or by phone anywhere in the world! This is a truly exciting opportunity to coach clients to get what they really want and to transform their lives. Sarah Horton and Hollis Polk are the instructors.

Click here for more information and enrollment.
Begins April 7 
Hypnotherapy Certification Intensive 


               Come to a superb certification program and upgrade your skills for assisting people to resolve all the issues of their lives.

Find out much more by clicking here.
April 19 & 20          
Certification in Pain Management with Hypnosis 

               Come to an enlightening, educational program focusing on the uses of hypnosis and hypnotic techniques for pain management. You can immediately apply these skills in your hypnotherapy, nursing, or other practice. Seth-Deborah Roth is the instructor.

Find out more here.
April 27                       

NLP for Professional and Self-Development
NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) is a powerful set of tools that explores each person's unconscious subjective reality.  You can then work with these representations so that your clients get what they consciously choose to have in life - even if your client is you!  Hollis Polk is the instructor.
Learn more here.
May 17 & 18 in Oakland
August 6 & 7 in Boston              
The Transformational Healing Method
Certification Program
              Increase your skills for doing first-rate transformational work that helps clients to find the expansive powers of greatness within them. With Marilyn Gordon. More information here.
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