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Let the Old Pictures in Your Mind Melt Away
The Transformational Healing Method (THM) 2-Day Certification Training
A Special Note to Our Graduates
About Our Graduate
Matthew Engel, MSW, Cht.
Happiness Teleclass Given by Hollis Polk
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More About Our Center and Our Certification Program

Arnold Patent Brings Us "The Heart of Transformation"
July 27-29

Arnold Patent, great author and teacher, is coming to our center to share and expand the powers of joy, abundance and divine love! Don't miss this magnificent experience. Read Arnold's books: Money, The Journey, You Can Have it All and others. Find out more here! Don't miss this opportunity to move to another level of your consciousness.

The Hypnotherapy Certification Intensive begins June 11!

Be a part of the next great training from "A School for Your Soul!" Find out more about it here. With Marilyn Gordon and eight stellar instructors!

Brand New Script Book! "Scripts for the Soul"

About Our Graduate Matthew Engel

Read about Matthew and his wonderful work on the other side of this newsletter!

Transformational Healing Method DVD: Special Discount

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"Divine Relaxation" CD
Royalty-Free Music

Creates deep states of relaxation and healing. Use this beautiful music legally for all of your projects. Find out more here.

Dear Friend,

     You may experience that there are "forces out there" that are having powerful effects on you, and that is a very powerful assumption. It's so powerful that often we create ourselves to be victims of these forces, and we blame them for whatever is taking place in our lives. This is not, however the most powerful vantage point, and from the highest state, it is certainly not the truest. At the very moment that we experience ourselves as creators rather than as receivers, the empowerment is in place, and this is infinitely important in the process of transformation. The "forces out there" are your creations.
Shirley Temple and Heidi
     Here's a lighthearted, almost childlike story with a profound message. Shirley Temple was a remarkable little girl. So was the main character she played in the movie "Heidi." Heidi lived with her stepmother who treated her as a nuisance and who wanted to give her away. Her stepmother finally took Heidi to live with her grandfather in a rustic alpine cabin. He was very rough-hewn and gruff, and he didn't speak to anyone. Instead of fretting and bemoaning her fate, Heidi would just smile at him and say, "Oh grandfather, can I get you some tea?" In a very short time, her love helped his heart to open, as she didn't play into his negativities. She kept moving the vibration higher and higher. She knew how to overcome the negativities of life. She didn't know this, but she naturally was able to elevate her consciousness to understand that everything that's taking place is a choice in consciousness. She knew how to transform the pictures of reality and move her life into higher and higher levels.
There's No There There
     If you have old pictures your mind of someone doing something to you, take another look, and if you like, you may want to travel to the core of love in everything in the universe. Let the picture melt away, and come back to the love. This is how you can have a happy mind and happy life, and you can go beyond all you thought was real - into the true reality of ultimate wisdom and love.
Sending You Love
     We send love to you, and we extend an invitation to you to come to our wonderful programs. We honor your presence.

Here's What's Coming Up!
*Hypnotherapy Certification Intensive, begins June 11.

*HypnoBirthing (TM) Classes for Prospective Parents, five classes beginning June 23 with Dianne Kathryn Short, Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner. Learn relaxed, natural childbirth methods.
*Transformational Healing Method" 2-Day Certification with Marilyn Gordon, July 14 & 15
* Parts Transformation Workshop with Beverly Taylor, July 22.
*The Heart of Transformation with Arnold Patent, July 27-29
*Secrets for Shaping Your Future, August 5, an encore performance of a dynamic and popular workshop with Dianne Kathryn Short.
*The Life-Transformation Method Certification Program,Marilyn Gordon's 3-Day Pre- Conference Training at the National Guild of Hypnotists, August 7-9 in Boston! Enroll through the NGH web site.

But wait! There's more!:
Medical Hypnotherapy in August, John Gray in September, HypnoBirthing Certification in October, HypnoCoaching in November and December, as well as Psychic Skills Training! That's a lot! Come join us for these awesome programs!!
* Wonderful Products - including professionally recorded THM DVD sets and more!

Read more about the next several programs below!

Love and many blessings to you,

Marilyn Gordon

The Transformational Healing Method (THM) 2-Day Certification Training
Learn Leading-Edge Tools for Doing Miraculous and Powerful Work!
July 14 and 15, 2007.
With Marilyn Gordon
      Take your work light years ahead and have the ability to work skillfully with any issues your clients bring to you. In this certification program, you will increase your skills for doing first-rate transformational work that helps clients to find the expansive powers of greatness within them. It is an opportunity to do leading edge work for transforming the body, mind, and soul.
Find out more here.
Learn about the Life Transformation Method Certification Program in Boston, August 7-9, 2007 by clicking here.

A Special Note to Our Graduates
If you'd like to review and practice the Transformational Healing Method, you can attend the THM two-day training for only $75. Let us know if you'd like to come. The next one is July 14 and 15.
We have some new modules in our training, if you're interested in attending: Psychic/Intuitive Development; Spiritual Development; Energy Healing; Mind Healing and Consciousness Transformation, and Dianne will be teaching Hypnosis for Childbirth.

About Our Graduate
Matthew Engel, MSW, Cht.
     Matthew Engel, MSW, Cht. of San Francisco received his Hypnotherapy Certification at the Center for Hypnotherapy in December 2006 and is delighted to bring the tools that he learned from Marilyn and the other teachers into his healing work with clients. Matthew spent 10 years working in the mental health field, primarily as a psychotherapist and mental health consultant for schools. He is also an Intuitive Channel who has taught numerous classes in Guided Meditation and Psychic Development. Drawing heavily on his background using play therapy, art therapy, and bibliotherapy with children, Matthew has taken a special interest in the use of symbolic imagery work to co-facilitate transformational healing with adults through hypnotherapy. Matthew is available for Channeled Readings in person or by phone as well as Counseling, Coaching, and Hypnotherapy for a wide variety of current and past life issues. He continues to offer classes and workshops. Look at Matthew's web site here.

Happiness Teleclass Given by Hollis Polk
     One of our instructors, Hollis Polk, is offering a teleclass, based in solid scientific research into meditation, luck, happiness, and emotional awareness, which aims to boost that happiness level, along with your success, by giving you simple, easy tools and strategies.
     5 Wednesdays, 6/13, 6/20, 6/27, 7/11 and 7/18, 6PM PDT, which is 9PM EDT, for 45 - 60 minutes each
Because this is a beta test, it is FREE, if you (a) attend all teleclasses and (b) fill out all questionnaires (don't worry, they're short). If you don't do these things, it's $100, which is what it will be in the future. Contact: Hollis Polk at hollis@888-4-hollis.com, 650- 616-9377, or 888-4-hollis (888-446-5547) to sign up, get details and/or ask questions.

Thank you!
Thank you for your interest in our programs and products. And thank you to art.com for your beautiful artwork. Visit their huge gallery of prints for sale.

For Further Information * We have hypnotherapy certification training programs, workshops, books, D V Ds, C Ds , ma nuals and more. Click on any of the links for further information and to order.

More About Our Center and Our Certification Program
     We have a superb training with eight teachers, an awesome curriculum, and a beautiful new center, which features a full Meditation Garden that can be viewed from our classroom through a wall of glass. Click here to see photos.
     One graduate said to us: "Thank you for everything. I feel very prepared. I am so pleased with my new directions. I truly learned from a Master. You gave me EXACTLY what I needed." RD

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