The Transformation News Special Edition
Thank You for Your Answers! January Special News 2008


Thank you for your moving, often poignant, answers to the two questions I posed in my last email. In another email, I'll let you know what some of these answers contained. If you haven't answered and you'd like to, please feel free to do so. Here again are the questions:

1. What is the single greatest challenge you face in your life? 

2. What in the area of transformation would you most like to learn about?


            I'll be carefully looking at these answers, as I'm creating something new, and it's helpful to hear directly from you about your life. I'll tell you about my new project plan as soon as it's ready.. For now, just know that it will assist you with your issues, it'll be very reasonably priced, and you can access it from anywhere in the world without leaving home. More info soon.


In the meantime, I recommend that you read my new book, The Wise Mind. I'm not telling you this for promotional reasons, but because I wrote it to assist people to handle the issues of their lives with greater ease. The Wise Mind Process can assist you with every issue of your life. Go here for more information.

Your comments are very helpful to me.  They show me your areas of greatest challenge as well as your aspirations. Thank you so very much! I love heaing from you.


What's Next:

    Coming up on January 27 is "The Wise Mind Life Transformation Seminar." This one is a live event in Oakland, a full day to gain greater understanding of what's going on in your life, to release whatever you're ready to release, to transform into higher consciousness, love, and inner peace, and to step into the next level of your life. Please read more about it here.

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