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The Fascinating Truth About Good King Wenceslas!

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Dear Marilyn,

 Read This to Find Out Wonderful Things About King Wenceslas!

         I find myself humming a lot, and my favorite song to sing to myself is "Good King Wenceslas." Because it's a tape going over and over in my mind any season of the year, I decided to find out more about it - and was I ever surprised when I found out the truth! We all know that he "looked out on the feast of Stephen" and that "the frost lay round about, deep and crisp and even." But the story has much more in it than that!

Put Your Feet in My Footsteps

           It was a rudely cold night, and Good King Wenceslas' page, Peter, and he opened the curtain at a palace dinner. They saw a very poor man, and they knew they had to do  something. They went out carrying food for the poor, even though the night was bitter and the wind was wild. The page could hardly stand it, but King Wenceslas said to him, "Put your feet in my footsteps, and you'll be warmed." The page walked where the king walked, and he was able to go on through the night. The two of them brought food and help and love to everyone, and through these acts of compassion, they were blessed.


Ye Shall Yourselves find Blessing

          Wenceslas of  Bohemia was greatly loved by his people even  though they didn't know about  his walk through the snow, and after his death he was declared a saint. At the end of the Good King Wenceslas song, there are two beautiful lines: "Ye who now will bless the poor, shall yourselves find blessing." Not only this, but if you continue to forge on, even in the illumined footsteps of another, you will make it through.

With love to you,
Marilyn Gordon
Our Virtual Book Celebration is Still Going On at Our New Web Site


We loved our book celebration so much, that we decided to keep it online longer. Thank you to those who stopped by our virtual celebration or our live one, who bought so many books, and who left us such awesome posts online.


          You can still go to the celebration where you'll find a live chat room, a "Wise Ball," lovely music and more.

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Coming up on January 13, 2008:  Secrets for Shaping Your Future With Dianne Kathryn Short

This workshop offers you a powerful, positive time to set your intention and create a blueprint for your life. As you create your "textured mind map" in the form of a montage, a tangible picture of your goals using paper, pictures, and glue, your future is revealed!  You'll also experience other subconscious tools such as hypnotherapy, shamanism and much more to assist your creative mind to uncover your life's direction.
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HypnoWeightLoss with Gerri Levitas -  January 20th!

Come to an informative, inspiring, and deeply transformational workshop to assist you both personally and professionally to make the shifts you want. Look at food and eating issues in new ways, and find out what you can do instead of what you've been doing to make the changes you'd like. Special new information on food cravings and how to end them! Look at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the weight loss issue.

Click here for more information and to enroll.


The Wise Mind Life Transformation Seminar - January 27th with Marilyn Gordon

Magnificent keys for manifesting your power and moving to the next level of life! Experience vast improvements in well-being, health, career, prosperity and spiritual power.  Make dynamic, positive shifts! Experience powerful inner technologies for transformation, and gain new knowledge and spiritual wisdom.
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Medical Hypnotherapy Certification - February 2 and 3 

with Seth-Deborah Roth

This 2-day accelerated course presents theory and clinical application of chronic and acute pain management and medical hypnosis, utilizing the latest advancements in hypnosis, and energy therapies. You will master techniques to increase your clients' pain thresholds, thereby reducing the need for drugs and medication, and helping to speed recovery.

 Click here for more information and to enroll.
Hypnotherapy Certification Weekend Training begins 2-9
Free Introductory Program, 1-19

Become a Certified Hypnotherapist and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists in this California state-licensed training. Nurses' CEUs available,

All classes are experiential, educational and enlightening.
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About Our Graduate: Donald Gerard

           Donald Gerard is a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Certified NLP Coach with a private practice in Oakland, California that focuses on personal growth and transformation through the inward journey. Hypnosis is one of the many tools he uses as he coaches his clients, encouraging them to tap into their internal wisdom and supporting them through the process of clarity, alignment, and acceleration towards their goals. 
       Visit to join Donald's email list and to learn more about his coaching and hypnotherapy services, tools, and resources. To contact Donald for your free, 30-minute exploratory session, send an email to or call (510) 632-2014. Donald will be teaching our "Manifesting Prosperity" Course on April 13th. 
        Donald says, "Studying hypnosis at the Center for Hypnotherapy was just what I needed in the next step of my evolution as a practitioner. The comprehensive curriculum, excellent teachers, and supportive environment provided for a great learning experience. Thanks, Marilyn, for continuing to offer your educational services to the world!"
About Our Graduate: Ruchira A.
        Ruchira A. is a Certified Hypnotherapist and an Intuitive Consultant. She graduated from the Center for Hypnotherapy in 2006 and added hypnotherapy to her already existing practice in San Jose, California. She specializes in Past Life Regression, Self-Improvement and Infertility. In addition to sessions, she features workshops, ebooks, and CDs.

She enjoys assisting others to break free from negative patterns, fears and insecurities, so they can move forward and live a carefree, successful life.

  She'll be giving a teleseminar on doing what you love and creating a rewarding life on Feb 2 & 3. Contact her at: or
        Ruchira says, "A word of thanks to Marilyn: the greatest teacher in the world and center of hypnotherapy for preparing me well for my work as a Certified Hypnotherapist.."

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