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February 2008

Would You Like to Experience More Love?

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Dear Linda,

     Because this is February,the month in which love is celebrated, I thought l'd send you one of my favorite portions of my new book. It's about an experience of love in Japan and how the influence of those who radiate love can have a profound effect on us. This is a true story.

    A number of years ago I visited my daughter, who was living in Japan. We had taken several trains and walked for miles to visit an onzen, a natural hot springs and inn that had traditional Japanese rooms with tatami mats on the floors and shoji screens for doors. My daughter had made a reservation at this particular inn in the town of Izu, and she didn't care for the place when we arrived. It was too noisy, she thought; you could hear the cars outside, and there was a schoolyard across the street and not a very beautiful view. The ceilings were too high, and it just wasn't comfortable here for her.

       In the midst of these thoughts, a Japanese woman opened the shoji screens and entered our room. She had an extraordinarily wide and beautiful smile. She came in and said, "Hello! How wonderful to see you! I'm so happy that you're here." She had clean, black, shiny hair, a round, apple-cheeked face, and dancing eyes. You could feel the love streaming from her in the most natural and unpretentious way. Her name was Izumi, and she told us that she had lived in this place all her life. Her grandfather had built this historic inn to house the first Westerners who came to Japan on the Black Ships. He had built the ceilings high for them.

     Then Izumi asked us, "Do you like to sing?" She had a karaoke machine there with the words on video, and I sang some Beatles songs in English-"Imagine" and "Yesterday"-and then Izumi and my daughter sang touchingly beautiful songs in Japanese. The room was filled with love. Who cared about a few car noises outside? This was Izumi's job, to welcome people with great love. She knew how to sweep away any clouds, to take the energy and lift it up. Izumi, with her heart full of love, came to pry open the doors of the heart one fine afternoon in the floating world of Japan.

     This is how loving beings can open us to our own loving heart.
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About Our Graduate and Staff Member: VICTORIA KING 
Victoria King is a dynamic, efficient, and insightful person, and we're fortunate to have her on our staff. She is also a massage therapist, coach, hypnotherapist, teacher, and speaker. Here's what Victoria says about herself and her work: "My purpose for being is to teach, inspire, and empower all beings to manifest their own vision of wellness and life balance. " If you'd like to know more about Victoria, visit her web site here.  We love her!


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