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   New Title, New Format, New Photo! December News 2007
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Love to you from Marilyn...
The Ancient Healing Temples:...Awesome Ancestors of Hypnosis...
Psychic Skills Training
Magnificent Workshops and Programs
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Free Teleseminar Series on Stress Relief
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Dear Marilyn,

           Our newsletter has a new name. It represents an expanded focus. Yes, we're going to have the same features that we had before - but we're expanding our scope.

            The Wise Mind book will be here in several weeks, and we'll be sending you more info about that very soon. We'll also be sharing more about the new scope of our newsletter soon with you also.

            Notice the hands at the top of this newsletter. Those are the hands of our wonderful friend Dianne Kathryn Short, and this photo (in a number of sizes and colors) is available for you to purchase. This spiritual art makes beautiful gifts, and you can click here to see the variations of these "hands" called "Heart Offering."


Love to you from Marilyn 

Here's the new photo, and it goes on the back of the new book. We'll be letting you know how you can order the book, what free bonuses you'll receive when you do, and when we'll be having our special book party. We also have a new Wise Mind web site coming up, and we'll give you the information as soon as it's available.

Thank you very much for your interest!
Article from Marilyn:

The Ancient Healing Temples:

Awesome Ancestors of Hypnosis


For a long time I've been talking and writing about the healing temples of Ancient Greece and Rome,  about how they are early examples of profound hypnotic healing. The last time I talked about them in one of our classes, one woman grew very excited and said, "I've been there! They still exist in Epidaurus, Greece. They're in ruins now, but they do hypnosis in remaining parts of the temples, and the stories about them are truly amazing!" Her enthusiasm was infectious, and she brought a book the next day with photographs and stories about the early temples. Something about them transfixes me and a number of other people, and I'd like to share some of this knowledge with you. If you've heard or read what I've said before about the temples, stay tuned. There's more. The ancient paragons of healing have been our inspiring ancestors in the great work. Read the rest of the article here.

Psychic Skills Training
with Hollis Polk: December 9, 2007 
Everyone has clairvoyant/intuitive abilities. No matter what level you're starting from, here is an opportunity to develop your innate abilities and learn new skills. If you're a practitioner, learn skills to further assist your clients as well as yourself. And even if you're not currently a practitioner, come to get answers to everyday issues in your life, learn to read people quickly and easily, and understand the dynamics of interpersonal interactions at a new level. This method is completely different from any other way of teaching the development of intuition; all other training teaches standard techniques, which may or may not work for you. Hollis Polk helps you identify your natural talents; she then offers guidance and exercises to turn these talents into skills. Find out more and register here.

Magnificent Workshops and Programs Coming in

January and February!

Secrets for Shaping Your Future with Dianne Kathryn Short

                Sun, Jan. 13

Free Intro Program, Sat, Jan. 19

HypnoWeightLoss Workshop with Gerri Levitas

                Sun, Jan. 20

Wise Mind Life Transformation Seminar with Marilyn Gordon

                Sun, Jan. 27

Medical Hypnotherapy Certification with Seth-Deborah Roth

                Sat and Sun, Feb 2 & 3

Hypnotherapy Certification begins Feb 9

"Divine Relaxation Music" Available in Our Store
"Divine Relaxation Music" is designed to create very deep states of relaxation and healing. It creates inner harmony, peace, and a general sense of well-being. We've been looking for the perfect royalty-free music for a long time. Shawn Brice has created this new CD, which comes shrink- wrapped with a great cover. You can feel free to use the music legally for any of your projects. It is not only uplifting, but it creates profound states of hypnosis. Find out more about it here. Free Teleseminar Series on Stress Relief
One of our graduates and former teachers, Kim Markison, is hosting a free teleseminar series with some of the luminaries in the personal growth world. Each week she will interview a new expert to bring you the very best techniques and tips for stress relief and balanced relaxation. The speakers include expert seminar leaders, psychologists, authors, certified hypnotherapists, and other highly experienced specialists. Most sessions are on Wednesdays at 6pm. You will hear from masters of the conscious and subconscious mind such John Gray, David Riklan, Wendi Friesen, and more. Click here to sign up for this AWESOME series, and receive lots of other wonderful bonuses.
You're Invited: Dr. John Gray to Give Free Teleseminar
     The next free interview will be with Dr. John Gray, author of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus", and will take place this Wednesday, November 28! Our friends at Hypno-Freedom will be interviewing Dr. Gray who will be revealing very exciting insights to help you create the brain chemistry of health, happiness and lasting romance. Understand how men and women gain and lose weight differently. Discover how food affects your mood and relationships. Gain unending energy and sustain passion for a lifetime. Sign up here, and you'll receive details for the whole series.


About Our Graduates:
Lisa Guyman

Lisa Guyman, Cht, is a Hypnotherapist with a practice in Denver, Colorado and is a graduate of the Center for Hypnotherapy.  Through hypnosis Lisa Guyman assists clients in releasing habits, fears and other blocks to living a fully and happy life.  She creates individualized hypnosis CD's to support her clients in the changes they are seeking.  Lisa is also a certified by The Chopra Center as a Meditation and Yoga instructor.  She is a Reiki Master, author and producer of the "Journey into Meditation:  Guided Meditations for Healing, Insight and Manifestation" CD.  At her website, you can sign up to receive her newsletter, listen to her Mystic Waterfall meditation and learn much more.  You contact Lisa 
at or at (303) 861-2280. 
     Lisa says  that she's grateful that she chose our school.  When I does a session she feels calm, confident and well-trained.  I've gotten great feedback, and she thanks us!
Hypnotherapy Office to Share in Berkeley: 
Share with One of Our Graduates  

- Office to share with one other hypnotherapist.
- Office space available Monday through Friday, mornings and early afternoons until 2:00pm.
- Office ideally located in North Berkeley with a spacious and warm environment.
- Rent is very reasonable and paid on a monthly basis.
- If interested, please contact Lauren at (510) 750-8885 or . Please leave a contact number and the best time to be reached.

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