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 What is the Real Nature of Spiritual Power?
A Sneak Preview Excerpt from Marilyn's Upcoming Book,
"The Wise Mind"
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More About Our Center and Our Certification Program

Anchor, Mudra,
and Sign that All is Well

Spiritual Healing Power Workshop, April 15

Make direct contact with spiritual power, and open yourself to expanded energies of life. Create greater health, love and wisdom. Come join us for a life- transforming workshop.With Marilyn Gordon. Find out more about it here.

Hypnosis in Your Nursing Profession - April 22

Learn relaxation methods, techniques for relieving pain, and many other excellent hypnotherapeutic methods you can put to use in your nursing practice. With Seth-Deborah Roth, excellent hypnotherapist and instructor. Find out much more here.

HypnoWeightLoss -
May 20

Come to an informative, inspiring, and deeply transformational workshop to assist you both personally and professionally to make the shifts you want. WIth Gerri Levitas, wonderful hypnotherapist! Find out more here.

The Life Transformation Seminar - June 3

Experience powerful inner technologies for transformation, and gain new knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Create breakthroughs in your life. With Marilyn Gordon. Find out more here.

Hypnotherapy Certification Intensive begins June 11!

Be a part of the next great training from "A School for Your Soul!" Find out more about it here.

Arnold Patent Coming to Our Center in July

Arnold Patent, great author and teacher, is coming to our center in July to share and expand the powers of joy, abundance and divine love! More info to come! Find out more about Arnold's work here.

Transformational Healing Method DVD: Special Discount

Click h ere for more information.

"Divine Relaxation" CD
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Creates deep states of relaxation and healing. Use this beautiful music legally for all of your projects. Find out more here.

Reiki Classes in San Francisco,
April 14

Lisa Guyman is in our current certification intensive. She's here from Denver, and she'll be teaching Reiki I and Reiki II on April 14th in SF. Contact her for more info and enrollment:
(303) 861-2280 or lisaguyman@prodigy.net. Click here for more info on Lisa.

Dear Friend,

     Spiritual Power is an expanded level of being in which you can experience more love, wisdom, energy and deep peace and are in touch with the transcendent and radiant power of the universe. It's the ultimate state of healing and transformation.

"There is one energy in the Universe -- love. We are this energy, also known as the Power and Presence of God. This energy is joyful, harmonious, creative and abundant.
To create our human experience, we transform love into beliefs in limitation, fear, pain and shame. These beliefs act as a disguise to hide the power and natural qualities of our true being."

(From Arnold Patent. See below for info.)

Applying This to Your Life
      When you apply your experiences of deepened spirituality to all the challenges of life, your life, health, finances and relationships move in forward directions. It's about experiencing a force field of power that can lift up emotional issues, physical ailments and mental illusions. Spirit is your life force, and through it, you uncover your inborn power. It is also described as energy, chi, prana, kundalini, God, or The Force. This energy is the source of life itself.
Making Contact with the Energy
     When you make contact with this life energy, you may often experience shifts in your physical body or in your emotions, or you find yourself more easily able to handle whatever is going on in your life. When you can stand back and view whatever you’re experiencing from a greater perspective, you get a sense of the larger more cosmic picture. You understand from the inside out that you are a magnificent being of the universe. This expanded love power allows you to be at one with Divine Abundance, Unconditional Love, and Infinite Wisdom. You can work with others in this great energy as well.
Experience This Force For Yourself
     Would you like to experience more of this first-hand? If you’re in our vicinity, come to our Spiritual Power Workshop on April 15th. If you’re on the East Coast, come to similar programs taught by Marilyn Gordon at the National Guild of Hypnotists. (More info to come.) Our course in Oakland is for both professionals and non-professionals, and it can assist you in reaching another level of your life.
What You Can Expect
     If you're interested in experiencing higher levels of love, wisdom and peace, understanding more about chakras, meditation, the I AM Teachings, channeling wisdom, working with the energy field, understanding ancient psychologies, transforming body and emotions through the spirit, experiencing your inner guide - and more - you're invited to come to our special day on April 15th.
Continuing Education for Your Soul
     You'll receive continuing education units and special certifications. Click here to learn more, and reserve your space so that we can know you're interested. You will no doubt have experiences of profound transformation that can absolutely shift your life and your work!
"Spiritual Healing Power" Workshop with Marilyn Gordon, April 15. It's designed to lift you to a high level of healing and work directly with advanced capacities of spirit to transform body and mind.
*Hypnosis in Your Nursing Profession, April 22, with Seth- Deborah Roth. A special training for nurses and health professionals. Learn excellent tools! Calling all nurses!
*HypnoWeightLoss, May 20. Come to an informative, inspiring, and deeply transformational workshop with Gerri Levitas.
*The Life-Transformation Seminar with Marilyn Gordon, June 3. A profound training based on Marilyn's upcoming new book, The Wise Mind: The Astounding Key to Life Transformation and Healing.
*Secrets for Shaping Your Future, August 5, an encore performance of a dynamic and popular workshop with Dianne Kathryn Short. More info coming.
HypnoBirthing (TM) Classes for Prospective Parents, five classes beginning June 23 with Dianne Kathryn Short, Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner. Learn relaxed, natural childbirth methods. More info to come!
The Life-Transformation Method Certification Program,Marilyn Gordon's 3-Day Pre- Conference Training at the National Guild of Hypnotists, August 7-9 in Boston!

Wonderful Products - including professionally recorded THM DVD sets (now at reduced rates) and more!

Read more below!

Love and many blessings to you,

Marilyn Gordon

A Sneak Preview Excerpt from Marilyn's Upcoming Book,
"The Wise Mind"
Everything in your Life is an Opportunity for Transformation.
     See the advantage in everything.
     This can help you to have a happy life
     No matter what the obstacles may be.
     (From The Inner Guide, SamuEl)

     In ancient days, there was a knight name Parsifal, and he set out on a quest for the Holy Grail. He had to go through the forest, fight formidable enemies and mammoth giants. He had to meet temptations and dangers on his way. He overcame them all, and finally, he came to a magnificent castle with walls of gold and jewels. It was here that he was able to contemplate the Holy Grail, the sacred vessel – the reward for the person who has had the strength to overcome great darkness to find his spiritual gifts. We all have this opportunity. It is a form of initiation in which rewards are given after great travail.
A Better View of the Rising Moon
     Not being the knight Parsifal, I nevertheless had my own initiatic experience – as we all do. One of them came on a rainy fall day in the early 1970s. For a short while, I was living in a small tent in the tiny coastal town of Bolinas, California, and I was growing more and more uncomfortable every day. I had just ended a relationship, and the next place for me to live hadn’t opened up yet, so I set up a tent, put a rug on the makeshift floor, brought some books, a light and some paper to write on, and I prayed with great fervor. And yes, it was beginning to rain. Sometimes I was buoyed up by courage; at other times, I was terrified. In my mind, the proverbial creatures of the dark could come and get me, or so I sometimes thought, or I could get rain-soaked from the impending rainy season or infested with sow bugs – or so it seemed. I alternately felt myself to be a victim and then a pioneer standing at the edge of something very new. I went soon to a fair in a nearby town, and a wandering poet-minstrel came up to me with a strangely knowing smile on his face. He said to me, “I have a poem for you.” He inched close to my ear, and he whispered the haiku poem:

     Since my house burned down,
     Now I have a better view of the rising moon.

     I nearly fell over. I had been living with the entire natural world, and the opportunity to expand into it was huge, but I’d been looking at the walls of my tent and not at the infinite space of the great limitless world. There was so much I wasn’t seeing. I wasn’t seeing the opportunity to expand my awareness, be with the natural world and the great moment in time that was there for me to grow. There was a larger purpose being served in my having had this experience. I was learning detachment and faith. I was learning to be in the moment and not worry if I’d ever have a home again. In that instant, I dropped all feelings of victimization, and I knew that I was in another state of consciousness. The synchronicity of the wandering poet’s act of reciting that poem in my direction also astonished me; I was in an altered state of mind. This is an experience of the Wise Mind externalized, and it was a transformational experience that shifted my consciousness and my life.
     I call an incident like this a “crucial turning point moment.” It’s a special moment in time when transformation is supremely possible, when the readiness is there. I didn’t stay in my tent very much longer, but the job of turning my awareness around had been done.
The Ultimate Obstacle Course
     Self-realization is ultimately the reason why we came to this earth. Every experience we have offers us the opportunity to enter an expanded state of consciousness, and the more we enter, the more self- realized we become. So, like in myths of heroes and heroines, we’re given obstacle courses to overcome so that we can get to the next stage, whatever that might be for each of us. The myths are everywhere: Dorothy wants to get back home from Oz; Alice seeks to return to her bed and her cat; Parsifal the knight searches for the Holy Grail; Gulliver, Ulysses, and Odysseus search for their freedom. Everyone has an array of obstacles to overcome; in myths they’re symbolized as enchanted forests, turbulent seas, monster worlds, or violent battlefields. Everyone has something to prevail over – a difficult relationship, a health issue, fears, cruelties, self- doubt or grief. Once you reframe your issues as the scenario for your self-realization instead of an agonizing burden, you’re halfway there. In all great difficulties and challenges, souls are learning something that’s advancing them on their paths.
The Wise Mind Puts it in Perspective
     The moment you stand back and allow your Wise Mind to assist you in seeing the more panoramic view of what’s taking place in your experience, the more you’re able to handle it and ultimately move to another level of it. It’s an experience for your education and enlightenment more that it’s just a burden or a stroke of bad luck. “What would my Wise Mind tell me about this?” is the transformational question we can always ask. When you ask this question, you find spiritual gifts of deep wisdom that show you the significance of all the experiences of your life. Events and experiences come in patterns. We repeat situations in one form or another until we get the expanded understanding. When we see that something is repeating itself over and over, we can ask the Wise Mind, “What is this doing in my life? What am I learning from this?” St. John of the Cross asked God how the teachings came. And God said to St. John that it was as if there were an infinite chess game going on, and all the chess pieces were exactly as they needed to be. God told him that all the pieces were in exactly the right places, the places that were best for his development in every situation in his life. All the pieces leading to transformation are in the right places for all of us, and everything is an opportunity for self-knowledge and wisdom.

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More About Our Center and Our Certification Program
     We have a superb training with eight teachers, an awesome curriculum, and a beautiful new center, which features a full Meditation Garden that can be viewed from our classroom through a wall of glass. Click here to see photos.
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