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Debra Rojas
About Our Graduate
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More About Our Center and Our Certification Program

Hypnotherapy Certification Intensive begins March 26!

Come to a school you'll love, a "school for your soul!"
Click here for more info.

The Transformational Healing Method Certification(THM), March 17 & 18.

Learn a method for transforming people’s lives that’s clear and streamlined, as well as dynamic and powerful. It's a magnificent method that expands your skills for doing profound inner work. Find out more information about how to become certified in this method here.

Psychic/Intuitive Training, March 11!

Learn innovative secrets for unlocking your innate intuitive abilities. Instructor Hollis Polk, has created a revolutionary alchemical process that identifies your natural talents and turns them into psychic intuitive abilities. Find out more information here. This workshop is coming up on March 11!

HypnoCoaching Certification begins March 24!

Here's a perfect opportunity to become a Certified HypnoCoach, and take your work to a new level. You'll have the ability to do life-coaching work in person or by phone anywhere in the world! Find out more about this awesome program here.

Our Graduate Debra Rojas

Read more about Debra in the column on the right.

Our Graduate, Andria Michelle Wood

Read more about Andria on the right.

Transformational Healing Method DVD: Special Discount

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Great Words from the Dalai Lama

Be kind whenever possible....It is always possible.

An Important Distinction

Hello, Dalai! Namaste.

Dear Marilyn,

What's the Real Cause of Our Problems?
     Here’s a brand new article by Marilyn Gordon that will be especially interesting to healers and to those who are in the process of healing. Here are some of the revelations it addresses:
* Do you need to find out what happened with your mother or father or your other childhood events to heal your distress?
* Do you need to find a trauma or a past life?
* Is there another alternative? What is really the prime cause of our troubles?
* What is “The Initial Separation Event?”
* Are the world and the subconscious mind an illusion?
* How does your reality system influence your work?
* Can we play in all the different realities?
Read the article here. Open up to new paradigms and alternatives!

Great Things are Happening!
     We have wonderful workshops, products, certification programs and more. Here are a few highlights:
Hypnotherapy Certification Intensive begins March 26, 2007. A first-rate training with award-winning instruction.
Free Introductory Program, March 10.
Psychic/Intuitive Training coming March 11 with Hollis Polk, powerful psychic and coach.
Transformational Healing Method (THM) Certification, with Marilyn Gordon. A two-day training in which you learn extraordinary hypnotherapeutic and energy therapy techniques, including EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and the Rapid Induction. March 17 & 18
HypnoCoaching Certification Program, March 24 & 25 and April 28 & 29. Two powerful Master Coaches certify you and impart powerful techniques for life coaching.
"Spiritual Healing Power" Workshop with Marilyn Gordon, April 15. It's designed to lift you to a high level of healing and work directly with advanced capacities of spirit to transform body and mind.
*Hypnosis in Your Nursing Profession, April 22, with Seth- Deborah Roth. A special training for nurses and health professionals. Learn excellent tools!
*HypnoWeightLoss, May 20. Come to an informative, inspiring, and deeply transformational workshop with Gerri Levitas.
*The Life-Transformation Seminar with Marilyn Gordon, June 3. A profound training based on Marilyn's upcoming new book, The Wise Mind: The Astounding Key to Life Transformation and Healing.
*Secrets for Shaping Your Future, June 10, an encore performance of a dynamic and popular workshop with Dianne Kathryn Short. More info coming.
HypnoBirthing (TM) Classes for Prospective Parents, five classes beginning June 23 with Dianne Kathryn Short, Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner. Learn relaxed, natural childbirth methods. More info to come!
The Life-Transformation Method Certification Program,Marilyn Gordon's 3-Day Pre- Conference Training at the National Guild of Hypnotists, August 7-9 in Boston!

Wonderful Products - including professionally recorded THM DVD sets (now at reduced rates) and more!

Read more below!

Love and many blessings to you,

Marilyn Gordon

Enlightening Workshops
and Trainings!
February and March 2007 Programs:

* Psychic/Intuitive Training with Hollis Polk, March 11. A few words about Hollis: “Hollis is awesome! Easy to understand, a flow to the materials, instructions and techniques. Hollis' level of knowledge, experience, and expertise is most apparent, and her commitment to sharing her wisdom is undeniable!”
* Transformational Healing Method (THM) Certification with Marilyn Gordon, March 17 & 18. What others have said: “This has been the most important and the deepest experience I’ve ever had. Thank you for bringing the techniques and the information to us in such a beautiful, compassionate and loving way.”
* HypnoCoaching Certification, March 24 & 25 and April 28 & 29 with Hollis Polk and Sarah Horton. Others have said: “Highly informative and extremely well-taught., beautifully orchestrated by real pros. HypnoCoaching is an exciting emerging field, and I feel fortunate to be on the vanguard of it. Very transformational and profound. This workshop was outstanding for both my career and my personal transformation.”
* Hypnotherapy Certification Intensive, begins March 26. Others have said, “I'd give this school a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10! The quality of the teaching at your school is so personalized and excellent that no other school would be able to compare with it. There was a perfect blend of lecture, demonstration and practice time. My business is growing rapidly, and I love doing it. Thank you."

Another Awesome Price Reduction!
Our professionally filmed informational and inspirational Transformational Healing Method DVDs were $74.95 Now you can have them for only $49.95
     * Beautiful Royalty-Free Hypnosis Music Recordings
     *Extraordinary Healing book
     Other manuals and CD or DVD combinations. Go to our store to find out more.

About Our Graduate,
Debra Rojas
Debra has been fortunate to have a dynamic career spanning 35 years in various fields such as legal, corporate, education, entertainment, mental health, and counseling. With a Masters degree in counseling psychology and her comprehensive teaching, counseling and professional corporate experience, Debra has designed a comprehensive program to help clients transform their lives in numerous ways. Debra practices Transformational Hypnotherapy, which is based on our Transformational Healing Method. One of her specialties is also "Faith-Based Hypnotherapy" working with the trinity of Body, Mind and Spirit. Debra is located in Riverside, CA, and you can find out more about her here.

About Our Graduate
Andria Michelle Wood
Andria Michele Wood has spent the past ten years learning cutting-edge technologies that create amazing results in very little time. She has been in business most of her adult life and has a wide range of interests. Andria is personally committed to a non- denominational spiritual path that honors all paths to truth. She brings her compassion and sense of fun to every session. Here's what someone has said of her: "Andria has a great sense of humor, she's really well organized and very professional. She bubbles with enthusiasm. I'm thankful that I know her." Andria is a Certified Hypnotherapist who trained in our program. She is also a Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer. You can find out more about her and her Creative Healing Arts Center here. Andria is located in Sacramento, CA.

A Note to
Our Graduates and Teachers
     Let us know about your workshops, programs and sessions, and we’ll post information about them in our newsletter. Be sure to include a link to your web site. If you’d like to be featured in our newsletter, let us know. We’d love to put your photo and information on your work in our newsletter.

Thank you!
Thank you for your interest in our programs and products. And thank you to art.com for your luminous artwork. Visit art.com's huge gallery of prints for sale.
Thank you also for information from the "Well-Being Journal," January/February 2007, Deah Curry, Ph.D.

For Further Information * We have hypnotherapy certification training programs, workshops, books, D V Ds, C Ds , ma nuals and more. Click on any of the links for further information and to order.

More About Our Center and Our Certification Program
     We have a superb training with eight teachers, an awesome curriculum, and a beautiful new center, which features a full Meditation Garden that can be viewed from our classroom through a wall of glass. Click here to see photos.
     One graduate said to us: “Thank you for everything. I feel very prepared. I am so pleased with my new directions. I truly learned from a Master. You gave me EXACTLY what I needed.” RD

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