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Our Graduate, Victoria Holl
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Hypnotherapy Certification Weekend Program begins January 20!

Come to a school you'll love, a "school for your soul!"

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Secrets for Shaping Your Future, Jan.14

Join Dianne Kathryn Short for this inspiring workshop.

More info here.

Our Graduate, Victoria Holl

See the story below.

Okka Holthuis and The Hypnotherapy Transformation AllStars

Join our graduate, Okka, Daniel Cleary and other notable hypnotherapists for free informative and inspiring monthly teleseminar hypnotherapy interviews. Further your hypnosis education. FInd out more information on these programs here.

Dear Marilyn,

     At this holiday time of year, the external light on the earth is decreasing. This then becomes a perfect opportunity to have an even more profound illuminating experience. Even if you have an exceedingly busy schedule, it's makes a difference if you take a moment or more to go inside and find the inner light of your consciousness. You can also find it by giving something to another, by turning on the light of your creativity, by experiencing the transformational healing power of Light. You can remember it by understanding the divine nature of this time of year. In every tradition there is some transformative and even miraculous power – in the Chanukah lights that burned for seven days when only one was expected, in the birth of a divine child, in the spiritual renewal time of Ramadan. It is a time of potential renewal for everyone who travels to the inner core and finds the Light of the Soul. It’s a time of spiritual transformation. To read more about transformation here’s a new article by Marilyn Gordon called "Hypnosis and the Great Work of Transformation." May your inner light shine brightly.

We have wonderful workshops, products, certification programs and more. Look within – and within our newsletter to find out more. Here are a few highlights:
Hypnotherapy Certification weekend program begins January 20
Free Introductory Program, January 13
"Secrets for Shaping Your Future" Workshop with Dianne Kathryn Short, January 14
Medical Hypnotherapy Certification, February 10 & 11
Weight & Lifestyle Transformation" Workshop, March 11, info to come
Transformational Healing Method (THM) Certification, March 17 & 18
HypnoCoaching Certification Program, March 24 & 25 and April 28 & 29

Brand New Products - including professionally recorded THM DVD sets and more!

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Love and many blessings to you,

Marilyn Gordon

Enlightening Workshops
and Trainings!
*Beginning January 20, Hypnotherapy Certification Weekend Training. Come to a truly great training program with Marilyn Gordon and other inspiring teachers. This is the first of two weekend certification trainings in 2007. The other three certification trainings will be intensives, so if you'd like a weekend training, now is the time to enroll. The next weekend training will not begin until August 25th. Now is the time to do the work you love that gives service to others and fulfillment for yourself. We honor your presence! Find out much more here.

*Jan. 14. 2007: Secrets for Shaping Your Future with Dianne Kathryn Short. This is an encore performance of a workshop that received the highest praise in which participants saw their own gifts and potentials with great clarity, and now you can too, just in time to create a new year for yourself in 2007. If you saw the movie "The Secret," you may remember the mention of the great benefits of visual collage to create a guide for your future.Click here for more info.

Inspiring GIFT Products!
Some gift ideas:
     * The Transformational Healing Method (THM) DVDs
     * Beautiful Royalty-Free Hypnosis Music Recordings
     *Extraordinary Healing book
     Other manuals and CD or DVD combinations. Go to our store to find out more.

More Info on
Hypnotherapy Certification!
     We have a superb training with eight teachers, an awesome curriculum, and a beautiful new center, which features a full Meditation Garden that can be viewed from our classroom through a wall of glass. Click here to see photos.
     Fees are on a new sliding scale between $1800 and $2100 You decide what you pay on that scale according to your budget. We also have a zero interest payment plan. We honor your presence. You can enroll online here.
     One graduate said to us: “Thank you for everything. I feel very prepared. I am so pleased with my new directions. I truly learned from a Master. You gave me EXACTLY what I needed.” R.D.

Our Graduate, Victoria Holl
This is the second time we’ve taken note of Victoria Holl’s work. She’s a graduate of our training program, and she’s doing great work in San Jose CA. She works with individuals and couples, including children, on all issues. She has chosen to work 20 hours per week, and she thinks of herself as a practical hypnotherapist, as she uses her intuition to open up to the clients' beliefs and then to proceed with the session accordingly. She has received many sincere and positive testimonials. The majority of her clients are professionals and technically savvy people. Most find her through the Internet, and many are referred from previous clients now that she’s been in practice for 4 years. Being fortunate enough to work part time has given her the chance to travel and pursue many personal goals and to have many exciting adventures. Take a look at Victoria's web site.

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* We have hypnotherapy certification training programs, workshops, books, DV Ds, CDs , ma nuals and more. Click on any of the links for further information and to order.

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Thank you for your interest in our programs and products. And thank you to art.com for your luminous artwork. Visit art.com's huge gallery of prints for sale.

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