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HypnoCoaching Certification Coming Up Nov 4 & 5!

This is a rare opportunty to work with two brilliant coaches to learn coaching from the masters. Create work you love! Don't miss this! Become a Certified HypnoCoach.
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Hypnotherapy Certification Intensive begins November 13!

Come to a school you'll love, a "school for your soul!"

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HypnoBirthing Certification

Become a Part of "The HypnoFest!"

January 4, 2007 is World Hypnotism Day, and we're having a great program, which we'd like you to be a part of. Please see the article below to participate with us. Hypnotherapists: have a "booth" or do a demo!

The Brilliant Lights
are Here!

Light-emitting diodes to transform your skin, pain, weight & stress! Click here to find out how.

Secrets for Shaping Your Future, Jan.14

Join Dianne Kathryn Short for this inspiring workshop.

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Hello, Friend

Lead me from darkness into light;
Lead me from death to immortality.

      The Upanishads

Light is a Living Spirit
      In Star Wars, Obi Wan Kenobi wielded his powerful light saber and said to Darth Vader, “Even if you slay me, I shall still be more powerful than you.” Such is the power of the light. It can be called forth, visualized, and affirmed, and the more the light is present, the greater is the force to overcome any darkness.
     The essence of transformation is the movement from darkness into light. To be able to bring more light to your body, your mind and to any situation is to set it in vibrational harmony with the healing power, the sacred energy, of the universe.
Luminous Power
     The light within you has profound healing power. It can bring luminous healing power to illnesses. It can raise the level of vibration and frequency to the physical, mental and emotional bodies. The more powerful and positive is our thinking, the greater is the intensity of the light we carry and emit. And because the light is electromagnetic by nature, the greater is its ability to attract to us health, abundance, and happiness when it is emanating from us in its greatest illumination. Our aura is made of light, as are our chakras, also called “Wheels of Light.” When you’re illuminated, you can go beyond mind and thoughts into the infinite and into the power of healing. Here is where the true power of transformation lies.
Bathe it in Light
      You can imagine the small lonely child inside bathed in a blanket of light, healed and whole. The little girl who was abused is cleansed and healed with beams of light. A wound or tumor can be bathed in light. Even chemotherapy can be perceived as beams of light that are sending healing rays. Pain can be infused with light beams, and can melt away. A warring relationship can be touched with the magic of the light and transformed. You can shine light on the various “parts” of self, the inner child, the hurt teen, or any part of the self that has been hurt or traumatized in any way. When you shine the light, you give these parts a taste of “enlightenment,” and you show them that there is another road. They can now wake up from their worlds of suffering. You can send the light to another, and you can bathe the entire world in illuminating beams.
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This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!

We have wonderful workshops, products, certification programs and more. Look within – and within our newsletter to find out more. Here are a few highlights:
HypnoCoaching Certification coming in November and December.
HypnoBirthing Certification.
Hypnotherapy Certification

Brand New Products - including professionally recorded THM DVD sets and more!

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Love and many blessings to you,

Marilyn Gordon

Enlightening Workshops
and Trainings!
*Sat.& Sun., November 4 & 5 AND Sat.& Sun., December 2 & 3.: HypnoCoaching Certification!
with Hollis Polk and Sarah Horton
     Become a Certified HypnoCoach, and take your work to a new level. In just a short while, you'll have the ability to do life-coaching work in person or by phone anywhere in the world! Learn to coach clients to get what they really want and to transform their lives, using their values and priorities. Imagine assisting people effectively and earning an excellent living with true transformational work. A remarkable training with two outstanding intuitive coaches! Read more here.

* Beginning November 13, Hypnotherapy Certification Intensive! Come to a truly great training program with Marilyn Gordon and eight magnificent teachers. Now is the time to do the work you love that gives service to others and fulfillment for yourself. We honor your presence! Find out much more here.

* November 9-12, HypnoBirthing (R) Certification, taught by the founder, Marie Mongan with Dianne Kathryn Short. Click here for more information on this wonderful, valuable training.

*Jan. 14. 2007: Secrets for Shaping Your Future with Dianne Kathryn Short. This is an encore performance of a workshop that received the highest praise in which participants saw their own gifts and potentials with great clarity, and now you can too, just in time to create a new year for yourself in 2007. Click here for more info.

Inspiring NEW Products!
Here are the brand new products we're offering:
     * Healing How-To Cards
     * The Transformational Healing Method (THM) DVDs
     * How to Create Spectacular Recordings (CD and manual together)
     Other manuals and CD or DVD combinations. Go to our store to find out more.

More Info on
Hypnotherapy Certification!
     We have a superb training with eight teachers, an awesome curriculum, and a beautiful new center, which features a full Meditation Garden that can be viewed from our classroom through a wall of glass. Click here to see photos.
     Fees are on a new sliding scale between $1800 and $2100 You decide what you pay on that scale according to your budget. We also have a zero interest payment plan. We honor your presence. You can enroll online here.
     One graduate said to us: “Thank you for everything. I feel very prepared. I am so pleased with my new directions. I truly learned from a Master. You gave me EXACTLY what I needed.” R.D.

Be a Part of Our HypnoFest
on Thursday, January 4, 2007
     We’re planning a HypnoFest at our center to commemorate World Hypnotism Day on Thursday, January 4, 2007, and if you’re one of our graduates, we would like you to participate. If you’d like to do a demo, give a brief talk, teach hypnosis, or in any way bring forth your hypnotherapy talents, we’d like you to be a participant. Please contact Shannon Crossman at mariposa_sc@yahoo.com or Mollie Jensen at mollie.jensen@gmail.com. Both are our great graduates, and they’re quite enthusiastic about The HypnoFest. More information will also be coming. If you’d like to attend or assist in any way (such as with promotion, fliers or anything else), contact them also. We'd love to have your participation!

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* We have hypnotherapy certification training programs, workshops, books, DV Ds, CDs , ma nuals and more. Click on any of the links for further information and to order.

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