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Fascinating Facts About Past Lives
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Another New Teacher in Our Certification Training:
Geralynn Lion
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Past Lives and the Power of Healing Workshop, Feb. 12

New Manifestation Program,
March 5

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Mar 11 & 12:
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One of Our Two New Teachers:
Geralynn Lion

See the article below!

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Wisdom from The Upanishads

Lead me from the unreal to the real!
Lead me from darkness to light!
Lead me from death to immortality!
Om shanti, shanti, shanti.

Dear Friend,

      Past lives are intriguing to us. There are compelling studies of past life experiences in which current lifetimes have been healed, and many cultures have universally believed in their power. Here are some significant facts:
* Past lives exist on the level of the soul or in the “subtle world” as old programs, similar to computer data storage.
* Often by reviewing and releasing these programs or patterns, current life issues can be resolved.
* People carry old patterns like stress, anxiety, fears or addictions, and sometimes there is no obvious cause in the current lifetime; yet there is often a past life connection. "Samskaras" are tendencies of the mind (like self-esteem or insufficiency thought patterns) that come from past life experiences.
* Many Tibetans believe that there is a state called the “bardo” - a transition state between lifetimes, a place of releasing and reviewing past experiences and preparing for future ones.
* You don’t have to re-experience past life programs in order to heal, as there are many approaches to healing; yet it’s interesting, informative and often profound.
* You don’t have to believe in past lives in order to work with them. You can consider them metaphors or conjurings of the imagination, and this approach can still be effective for healing.
* There are often current physical imprints of past lives in the form of birthmarks, physical and emotional pains and wounds.
* Hypnosis is a perfect vehicle for the experience and transformation of past lives.
     If you're in our area, you can come to our "Past Lives and the Power of Healing" Workshop. See below for more information.

Love and many blessings to you,

Marilyn Gordon

Great Programs
Coming Up!
Read more about these programs by clicking on the links.

Feb. 12: Past Lives and the Power of Healingwith Marilyn Gordon
Experience aspects of your former lifetimes and understand key features of past life healing. This spiritual, enjoyable, and profound interactive workshop is for both practitioners and anyone else interested in exploring the inner realms.

Mar 5: The Manifestation & Life-Transformation Program with Marilyn Gordon
A program for manifesting your life dreams by connecting with your Divine Mind, releasing limitations, and learning ancient and contemporary mysteries of manifestation. (Please note: Marilyn will be teaching versions of this program in Boston at the National Guild Conference in August.)

Mar. 11 & 12: "The Transformational Healing Method Certification" with Marilyn Gordon
Learn extraordinary hypnotherapeutic and energy therapy techniques, including EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and the Rapid Induction, and receive a certificate to do excellent hypnotherapy work.

March 25: Hypnotherapy Certification begins. Come to “A School for Your Soul,” and learn to be a magnificent hypnotherapist.

Sunday, April 23: "Manifestation and Financial Freedom" With Sarah Horton
When you're manifesting great things for your life, you also need the structural pieces that will support your vision, financial planning that allows your dreams to happen. Here's an incredible workshop about the dance between your dreams and the practical day-to-day steps, taught by a powerful, popular and successful financial coach, Sarah Horton.

May 21: Hypnotherapy for Childrenwith Ronda Rice
Here is a great workshop that illuminates the root causes of many childhood behavior patterns and health challenges, as well as offering us a rare view into the magnificence of the spirit of a child. Learn the importance and the means of acknowledging, accessing, exploring, and resolving the past-life influences of children as well.

Previews of what else is coming:
Medical Hypnotherapy: A brand new, awesome hypnotherapy training with special certification

HypnoCoaching: A weeklong certification that trains and certifies you to be a life coach, coming in the fall!
And much more to be announced!
Great Programs!

Another New Teacher in Our Certification Training:
Geralynn Lion
In our last newsletter, we introduced one of our teachers, Seth-Deborah Roth. We now introduce Geralynn Lion, a certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. She got her start as a Team Leader for the Anthony Robbins Institute and also practiced hypnotherapy utilizing NLP in Manhattan primarily focusing on weight loss, phobia cures and smoking cessation. She also has 23 years in the Airline Industry serving as an Airline Trainer and Recruiter. She currently resides in Point Richmond having relocated from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Geralynn is a graduate of our Hypnotherapy Center, in which she says that she immensely enjoyed the spiritual nature of the certification course. She'll be teaching the NLP portion of our training.
For more information about Geralynn, you can email her at geralynnlion@comcast.net

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