Opening the Doors of Your Mind, Dec.05 News
Opening the Doors of Your Mind, Dec.05 News
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     Manifest Life Dreams:
Opening the Doors of Your Mind
Great Things Coming Up for 2006!
Great Sunday Workshops for 2006
Hypnotherapy Certification begins January 14, 2006!
How to Make CDs
Wisdom from the Upanishads
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Great Things Coming Up in 2006!

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Coming Up!
January 14:
Hypnotherapy Certification begins;
Mar 11 & 12:
THM Certification

Wisdom from the Upanishads

See the article below!

Dear Friend,

     Years ago when I was writing the beginning chapters of my first book, my mind told me that I most likely was writing drivel. I felt I was writing hackneyed phrases and rusty paragraphs, and even those words didn’t come easily. My chosen cure was to go into hypnosis and see what I could find inside the many files of my deep inner mind and in the wisdom that I knew was encoded in my soul. I was greeted by some astounding visions. As I walked along a corridor lined with doors, I only had access to one door. That was “The Drivel Door.” I peeked inside and found worn out sentences, dusty ideas, and limited inspiration. I wondered if I had to stay here, as it was very uncomfortable. Then the light bulb appeared to me, and I remembered that there were many other doors, and that I had myself chosen only to walk through this one. I could go back out into the corridor and try the other doorknobs. And that is what I did! I saw the signs on the other doors: The Door of Creative Inspiration, The Door of Guidance, The Door of a Thousand Ideas, and more. So this is how the doors opened up in my mind, the words began to flow, and a book grew from the process.

Opening the Doors of the Mind
      In the same way, most of us are wearing blinders, and from this state, we create huge limitations. The blinders keep us from seeing and knowing the many Doors of the Mind that are available to us at any moment. Our thoughts are so powerful that the doors we walk through will determine what reality we live in and what we manifest for our lives.
      Why is thought so powerful, and how can the blinders come off? As beings, we are composed of electromagnetic frequencies. Our bodies are electromagnetic, and so are our thoughts. Some people have been said to even see thoughts. So our thoughts are alive, electrical and magnetic. That means they are filled with energy and have the capacity to magnetize things or other thoughts to themselves. So first of all, we realize the great power of thought. Then we connect with a power that is greater than the thoughts, and then we open up the doors to more expanded life manifestations.
      We have systems in ourselves like radio and TV antennae. Thoughts and patterns are swirling around us, inside and out, and when we’re tuned into a particular station, we start to vibrate at the level of the thoughts we’re tuned into. But – do touch that dial! Tune into another station and open up to other messages and other worlds. Best of all, tune into the divine station, and there is everything there we have ever wanted and could ever dream of. We can imagine ourselves as we’d like to be.

If you'd like to read on, click here.

Love and many blessings to you,

Marilyn Gordon

Great Things Coming Up for 2006!
Here’s a preview of coming attractions for next year:

Magnificent Workshops, some brand new, some back by popular demand. See below for a list from January to May.

The Manifestation and Life- Transformation Expanded Program: Manifest Your Business, Your Abundance, Your Health, Your Spiritual Path and more

The Internship Program for Our Graduates: Develop and Market Your Hypnotherapy Business; Practice Your Skills; Continue Learning

New DVDs and CDs coming soon!

• More of our certification programs and Transformational Healing Trainings!

Stay tuned for more details soon!

Great Sunday Workshops for 2006
Read more about these workshops by clicking on the links.

Jan. 22: Clutter to Claritywith Beverly Taylor

Feb. 12: Past Lives and the Power of Healingwith Marilyn Gordon

Mar 5: The Manifestation & Life-Transformation Program
with Marilyn Gordon

April 23: Manifestation & Financial Freedomwith Sarah Horton

May 21: Hypnotherapy for Childrenwith Ronda Rice

- and more to come!
Workshops for 2006

Hypnotherapy Certification begins January 14, 2006!
     Come to our, thorough, inspiring and comprehensive program that totally prepares you for the rewarding work of becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist. Our trainings always receive rave reviews, and people are relieved to finally find a school that connects with their soul, that really prepares them to begin a hypnotherapy practice and that presents the very latest tools for the transformation of life. We feature award-winning teaching and hands-on training. We'd love to have your presence, so do contact us to let us know of your interest. You can contact us by email or phone, and you can sign up online here.
Hypnotherapy Certification
Begins January 14, 2005
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How to Make CDs
     If you’re a hypnotherapist and would like to make CDs for your clients, there are a few good ways to do it. We’ll look at one of these ways here. You need a computer, a microphone, special software and CDs. This information is for PCs only. Here are the details:
• Get Sony’s "Sound Forge Audio Studio." You can download it for free for one month from or by clicking on the link below. It’ll cost about $70 if you’d like to buy it.
• Get a Logitech microphone for your computer. It’s less than $20 The number of the mike is Logitech 980186-0403 Silver USB Connector Desktop Microphone.
• Set up your software.Click here for amazing instructions to set up the software especially for our work. Thanks to our friend, Stuart Lynch for the superb graphic instructions.
     Let us know how you’re doing with your CD projects!

Wisdom from the Upanishads
Lead us from darkness into light,
From the unreal to the real,
From death to immortality.
Om shanti, shanti, shanti.
Om peace, peace, peace.

These great words embody a prayer for the transformation of consciousness, and they create the cornerstone of our purpose, not only as healers, but as beings. In this season of transformation, we wish you an enlightening journey on the great path.

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