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Wisdom for Your Soul June 2005
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  • Great Hypnotherapy Intensive Coming June 20!
  • New June 26 Workshop:"Personality Types"
  • Spiritual Healing Power: July 31,
    with Marilyn Gordon
  • Transformational Healing Method (THM)
    Certification in California & Massachusetts
  • Here's What's Coming Up:
  • A New Instructor in Our Program: Beverly Taylor
  • Our Featured Product of the Month
  • NEW! Coming Soon: "The Transformation Store:
    Tools for Your Enlightenment and Health"
  • Thank you!
  • Hello Dear Friend,

    Someone asked,
    "Are you wearing that hat because it's a bad hair day?"
    And another answered,
    "No, I'm wearing it because it's a good hat day!"

        So no matter what has taken place in your life, it's how you perceive it that matters. We have heard precious stories of those in jails and concentration camps who've used their time to advance their souls' progress. They've been able to see that they've been given the time to contemplate the meaning of existence even in catastrophic circumstances, and they realize that they can be lifted up whether they're in the midst of war or in their own home in front of a cozy fire. They can be enlightened anywhere. What happened to us in our life is not as significant as how we perceive it. We hold in a particular reality by focusing on it as a close-up, rather than seeing it from an expanded perspective. If we could only stand back and see the panoramic perspective, we might be very surprised at what we'd understand.
         Take your immediate family, for example. Standing back from them, you can understand that they're not just your family. They're beings who also came to this earth to grow and evolve on their own paths. Even your parents are individual beings who came here to learn and to have various experiences. One of those experiences is to interact with you. If you see this very clearly, you can see that you are not just a child of your parents, wife or husband, father, mother; you are someone who came here to learn and grow with this individual, and all of you are beings on the path of growth and enlightenment.
         Find out more about perception, your soul and your personality at our great programs! Please read on to find out more.

          We send you warm wishes for your ultimate expanded perception.

    With love and blessings,
    Marilyn Gordon

    Great Hypnotherapy Intensive Coming June 20!

    If you'd like a superb, quality hypnotherapy education that provides an original, effective method you can use with almost every one of the issues in people's lives, come to our intensive training program. We've created a way for you to learn efficiently so that you get everything you need in less time. We teach you many aspects in the field of hypnotherapy, and we specialize in a special client- centered method that's easy to learn and works, often miraculously. We're different from any other training program because we offer you this dynamic specialty. We also train you in other hypnotherapy methods as well. We have classes that allow individual attention and hands-on- training. You also learn to do the work and market yourself. You learn to be a professional and you have healing experiences of your own while being trained to assist others. We give you a superb education for less money and in less time. Come join us at "A School for Your Soul."
    Click here to find out more about our intensive.

    Here's what one graduate has said about our training: "I'd give this school a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10! There was a perfect blend of lecture, demonstration and practice time. There was a great blend of different teachers and teaching styles, and this allowed us to find our own style by exposing us to many different approaches. Marilyn Gordon is incredibly inspiring. Her compassion and insight are immediately obvious. I'd absolutely recommend this training to others. I'd say, 'If you want to be prepared, take this course!' It covers a huge amount of information, you receive volumes of helpful materials, the teachers are very accessible, and the practical aspects of setting up and marketing a hypnotherapy business were very current and informative. The main focus was on being compassionate, conscious healers."

    New June 26 Workshop:"Personality Types"

         Find out answers to the questions you've had about yourself and the dynamics of your soul. Systems have been discovered to shed light on these issues, and in this workshop, you'll learn about three of them. It's totally fascinating, and you can use this in your work, your family, your relationships and your own self-understanding. Here are some of the questions we'll be looking at:
    1. What is the role of my soul? Is it artisan or sage, priest or server, king or warrior or scholar? What is Soul Age, and how is it important?
    2. What are the major difficulties that each role has?
    3. What personality types are almost always attracted romantically to each other?
    4. How does personality type directly affect the kinds of thoughts you have?
    5. How can the understanding of personality types energize your life after 40?
    6. What is the type and profile of your shadow personality?
    7. How can two people attend the same event and have a completely different experience?
    8.And much more!
    This workshop explores three powerful systems that help us look at ourselves in deeper ways, The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, The Michael Teachings and The Enneagram. Each instructor will explain an approach for understanding personality. Come to find out more about yourself, and if you're a practitioner, learn how to apply this information to your clients.
    - June 26 , 2005 9:30-5:30 pm with Chenue Colton-Gill, Kay Heatherly and Donald Gerard. Make sure you attend this workshop!
    Click here for more information about this workshop.

    Spiritual Healing Power: July 31,
    with Marilyn Gordon

         This workshop is designed to lift you to a high level of healing. It's about working directly with advanced capacities of spirit to transform body and mind. It's about experiencing a force field of healing that can lift up emotional issues, physical ailments and mental illusions. Come to spend a day of true higher magic, a day of profound and illuminating experience. Professionals can learn techniques to assist clients. Everyone can take part in a day that heals body, mind and soul. We'll be connecting with the healing power, channeling wisdom, working with the energy field, understanding and clearing chakras, working with the healing light, connecting with the I AM Teachings of the Ascended Masters, understanding ancient Eastern psychologies, healing emotions and physical body through the spirit, experiencing your inner guide, cultivating cosmic understanding, and more.
    Click here for more information about this workshop.

    Please note: A version of this workshop will be given in Massachusetts as one and two-hour programs at the National Guild of Hypnotists conference in August, 2005.

    Transformational Healing Method (THM)
    Certification in California & Massachusetts

          This is a perfect opportunity to learn to do The Transformational Healing Method,THM, in two days with Marilyn Gordon. August 10 & 11, at the NGH Conference in Massachusetts and July 23 & 24 in Oakland. Expand your awareness and learn extraordinary hypnotherapeutic and energy therapy techniques, including EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), the Wise Mind Process, and the Rapid Induction. Combine ancient methods and awesome new technologies to release fears and pain, work with addictions, relationships, career and creative blocks, self-worth, other physical and emotional challenges, and dive deeply into the spiritual realm to get in touch with a profound transformative inner power. Receive a certificate as a Transformational Healing Method (THM) Practitioner.
    Click here for more information.

    Here's What's Coming Up:

    Here are some important dates:
    * June 26, 2005: "Personality Types Workshop: The Enneagram, Myers-Briggs and the Michael Teachings" with Chenue Colton-Gill, Kay Heatherly and Donald Gerard.
    * July 31, 2005: Spiritual Healing Power Seminar with Marilyn Gordon
    * August 10 & 11, 2005: "The Transformational Healing Method" - a two day certification program with Marilyn Gordon. In Massachusetts at the NGH Conference.
    Look for upcoming workshops: "Weight, Health & Lifestyle Transformation" in September, "Financial Freedom" in November, and "Clutter to Clarity" in August. More about these soon!

    A New Instructor in Our Program: Beverly Taylor

    Beverly is a natural teacher. She started teaching classes in high school and college, while still a student, and she has a lifetime California teaching credential. Altogether, she's been teaching for 35 years. She's a Certified THM instructor from our program, and she has created her own specialty called "Clutter to Clarity," for which she has written two manuals and presented at hypnotherapy conferences. Since 2002, she has regularly appeared on radio. She's also a database genius. She used to be a senior project manager in high tech where she managed the installation of large databases to support sales and marketing. She has about 1000 hours of hypnotherapy training, and she's found that she likes our methods better than any others! She's interested in ethnic dance, reading, computers, and teaching, and she's been studying self-help for 20 years. She's a great addition to our faculty, and we're happy to have her in our school and in our world.
    Click here to read more about Beverly.

    Our Featured Product of the Month

         This month, we're highlighting our tape, "Radiant Prosperity." It's relaxing, inspiring and transformational. Open your mind to prosperity and create major improvements in your abundance and your life. This wonderful tape will help you take the next step.
    One woman reports having avoided impending bankruptcy and creating true prosperity in her life after listening to this tape. It really works!
    Powerful techniques and visualizations; positive suggestions!
    Click here to order.

    Here are some of our other offerings:
    * Royalty-Free Music CD, "Divine Relaxation"
    * Manuals - Transformational Healing Method, Habit Control and more
    * Cassette tapes - Especially "Radiant Prosperity" and "Easy Weight Loss"
    * Videotapes - Marilyn Gordon teaching key elements of the Transformational Healing Method

         Click here to order any of these great products!

    NEW! Coming Soon: "The Transformation Store:
    Tools for Your Enlightenment and Health"

    We'll have a new format and storefront, our own products, and other carefully-selected products of others that we'd love to share with you. Stay tuned, as the store is coming online soon!

    Thank you!

    Thank you once again, art.com for your inspiring graphics. We hope you have many visitors to your web site.

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