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Wisdom for Your Soul May 2005
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  • May 15, 2005:
    The Life -Transformation Seminar
  • New June 26 Workshop:"Personality Types"
  • Spiritual Healing Power: July 31,
    with Marilyn Gordon
  • Transformational Healing Method (THM) Certification - Aug. 10 & 11 in MA
  • Here's What's Coming Up:
  • About Our Graduates: Seth-Deborah Roth
  • Our Featured Product of the Month
  • Thank you!
  • Hello Dear Friend,

    What is Transformation?
          Transformation is a process of moving from darkness into light. It means that you don't necessarily have to spend years working things out. Instead, you can have the ability to make significant shifts in your understanding to move your pain, grief, anger, sadness, and trauma into new ways of being. Everything that has happened to you in your life is your opportunity for transformation. You may have pain in your body. You may be having economic or relationship challenges. You may have some old traumas or abuses. Whatever your experience may be, all of it contains the seeds of transformation.
    Not About Changing Your Life
          Change is something done over time, piece by piece. Transformation is an alteration of the perspectives from which you live. It's alive, ancient yet incessantly changing, powerful, practical, transcendent, and filled with dynamic energy. When you transform something, you go to another reality system, and that shifts the issue. You move into another level of being, and from this expanded space, your issues transform.

         EXPERIENCE IT FOR YOURSELF at the dynamic
    Life- Transformation Seminar on May 15! Please read on to find out more. Bring your friends and family!

          We send you warm wishes for your own brilliant transformation.

    With love and blessings,
    Marilyn Gordon

    May 15, 2005:
    The Life -Transformation Seminar

          "The Life Transformation Seminar: Five Techniques to Help Overcome Your Challenges" is a unique, workshop that will give you valuable information and practical tools to experience improvements in your well-being, health, career, prosperity, and spiritual power. It will also help those who seek relief from stress, anxiety, fears, loss, life transitions, and other issues. You can receive nurses' CEUs, advanced credits, as well as continuing education units from the National Guild of Hypnotists.
         You'll learn five valuable techniques for transforming your personal and professional life. You'll also gain new knowledge and spiritual wisdom. This workshop is for everyone who'd like to take their next steps. BRING FRIENDS AND FAMILY! $15 off for each person you bring! Click here for more information about this wonderful workshop.

    New June 26 Workshop:"Personality Types"

         This workshop explores three powerful systems that help us look at ourselves in deeper ways, The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, The Michael Teachings and The Enneagram. Each instructor will explain an approach for understanding personality. Come to find out more about yourself, and if you're a practitioner, learn how to apply this information to your clients. - June 26 , 2005 9:30-5:30 pm with Chenue Colton-Gill, Kay Heatherly and Donald Gerard. Make sure you attend this workshop!
    Click here for more information about this workshop.

    Spiritual Healing Power: July 31,
    with Marilyn Gordon

         This workshop is designed to lift you to a high level of healing. It's about working directly with advanced capacities of spirit to transform body and mind. It's about experiencing a force field of healing that can lift up emotional issues, physical ailments and mental illusions. Come to spend a day of true higher magic, a day of profound and illuminating experience. Professionals can learn techniques to assist clients. Everyone can take part in a day that heals body, mind and soul. We'll be connecting with the healing power, channeling wisdom, working with the energy field, understanding and clearing chakras, working with the healing light, connecting with the I AM Teachings of the Ascended Masters, understanding ancient Eastern psychologies, understanding ancient Eastern psychologies, healing emotions and physical body through the spirit, experiencing your inner guide, cultivating cosmic understanding, and more.
    Click here for more information about this workshop.

    Please note: A version of this workshop will be given in Massachusetts at the National Guild of Hypnotists conference in August, 2005.

    Transformational Healing Method (THM) Certification - Aug. 10 & 11 in MA

          This is a perfect opportunity to learn to do The Transformational Healing Method,THM, in two days. August 10 & 11, at the NGH Conference in Massachusetts. Expand your awareness and learn extraordinary hypnotherapeutic and energy therapy techniques, including EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and the Rapid Induction. Combine ancient methods and awesome new technologies to release fears and pain, work with addictions, relationships, career and creative blocks, self-worth, other physical and emotional challenges, and dive deeply into the spiritual realm to get in touch with a profound transformative inner power. Receive a certificate as a Transformational Healing Method (THM) Practitioner.
    Click here for more information.

    Here's What's Coming Up:

    Here are some important dates:
    * May 15, 2005: The Life Transformation Seminar with Marilyn Gordon.
    * June 26, 2005: "Personality Types Workshop: The Enneagram, Myers-Briggs and the Michael Teachings" with Chenue Colton-Gill, Kay Heatherly and Donald Gerard.
    * July 31, 2005: Spiritual Healing Power Seminar with Marilyn Gordon
    * August 10 & 11, 2005: "The Transformational Healing Method" - a two day certification program with Marilyn Gordon. In Massachusetts at the NGH Conference.
    Look for upcoming workshops: "Goodbye to Sugar" in September, "Financial Freedom" in November, and "Clutter to Clarity" in August. More about these soon!

    About Our Graduates: Seth-Deborah Roth

    Seth-Deborah Roth, CRNA, CHT has had many years of experience in the medical field as a Nurse Anesthetist. She graduated from our center in August of 2000. After graduation, she received masters certifications in NLP and Reiki, and she became a practitioner in Time Line Therapy and HypnoBirthing. She has also been certified with special training in Pain Control, Cancer Hypnosis, Medical Hypnosis, Pediatric Hypnosis, Habit Control and Weight Loss. Her practice "Hypnotherapy for Health" is located in both Castro Valley and Pleasanton, California where she specializes in Medical Hypnosis. She has been a speaker at conferences and on the radio. She produces hypnosis CDs and specializes in customizing CDs for different medical issues or surgical procedures. For more information please go to her web site or browse her blog at http://hypnotichealth.blogspot.com

    Our Featured Product of the Month

         This month, we're highlighting Divine Relaxation, a beautiful CD of hypnotic music that creates very deep states of relaxation and healing. Click here for more information more about this royalty-free music that you can use for tapes and CDs, sessions, or classes.

    Here are some of our other offerings:
    * Manuals - Transformational Healing Method, Habit Control and more
    * Cassette tapes - Especially "Radiant Prosperity" and "Easy Weight Loss"
    * Videotapes - Marilyn Gordon teaching key elements of the Transformational Healing Method

         Click here to order any of these great products!

    Thank you!

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