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  Ruchira A., CHT

Ruchira A. Ruchira A. is a Certified Hypnotherapist and an Intuitive Consultant. She graduated from the Center for Hypnotherapy in 2006 and added hypnotherapy to her already existing practice in San Jose, California. She specializes in Past Life Regression, Self-Improvement and Infertility. In addition to sessions, she features workshops, ebooks, and CDs.
She enjoys assisting others to break free from negative patterns, fears and insecurities, so they can move forward and live a carefree, successful life.
She'll be giving a teleseminar on doing what you love and creating a rewarding life on Feb 2 & 3. Contact her at: or
Ruchira says, "A word of thanks to Marilyn: the greatest teacher in the world and center of hypnotherapy for preparing me well for my work as a Certified Hypnotherapist.."

   Corla Bertran, CHT

Corla Bertran Corla Bertrand, MA, Cht, is a Hypnotherapist with a practice in Chico, CA. A graduate of the Center for Hypnotherapy Certification in March of 2004, and the California Institute of Integral Studies' East- West Psychology program in May 2004, her focus is on Spiritual Counseling. Corla has found hypnotherapy to be a gentle and effective way to help clients remember who they are--spiritual beings on a human path--and to trust their own experience of the divine. Through hypnotherapy she assists clients to connect with spirit guides, deep inner wisdom, and healing states such as love, compassion, forgiveness, and peace--all helping to restore meaning, joy and passion to life. Trusting in the deep healing power of nature, she also offers eight-day Wilderness Vision Quests near Mt. Shasta, July through October. For more information check out her website or contact her at or (530) 514-6015.

   Angie Choi, CHT

Angia_Choi_2 Angie Choi is a certified hypnotherapist whose private practice, Alive Hypnosis is in San Francisco, California. Passionate about communicating the potential of hypnosis and dreams, Angie has utilized radio, television, workshops, and classes to educate and inspire people. She has appeared on KEST 1450 AM radio in San Francisco numerous times, and she is a graduate of and an adjunct instructor for the Center for Hypnotherapy and the Palmistry Academy in Oakland, California. A member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists, she has been serving clients since 1998.
Angie Choi is the author of My Dreams: A Simple Guide to Dream Interpretation. To find out more about Angie and her work, click here .

   Robin Duncan, CHT

Robin Duncan Robin Duncan graduated from our training program as a Certified Hypnotherapist, and she's now also a Certified Hypnosis Instructor. In addition, she's specially trained in EFT as an Emotional Freedom Therapist. She's also an ordained Minister, a practitioner of A Course in Miracles, and is certified in Crystal and GemstoneTherapy. She has shared her skills with thousands of people, helping them to release fear, anxiety, pain, weight, stress, sadness, depression, anger, cravings, and more with outstanding results! In 2003, Robin and her Husband, Terry, formed The ONE Center, a non-profit organization with a worldwide vision to promote empowerment and provide healing assistance. It's a place where gifted healing Practitioners, clients needing assistance, and donors desiring and supporting the healing of humanity, can come together.
For more information, you can contact Robin at 714-773-9173 or visit - located in Fullerton,CA.

   Matthew Engel, MSW, CHT

Matthew_Engle Matthew Engel, MSW, Cht. of San Francisco received his Hypnotherapy Certification at the Center for Hypnotherapy in December 2006 and is delighted to bring the tools that he learned from Marilyn and the other teachers into his healing work with clients. Matthew spent 10 years working in the mental health field, primarily as a psychotherapist and mental health consultant for schools. He is also an Intuitive Channel who has taught numerous classes in Guided Meditation and Psychic Development. Drawing heavily on his background using play therapy, art therapy, and bibliotherapy with children, Matthew has taken a special interest in the use of symbolic imagery work to co-facilitate transformational healing with adults through hypnotherapy. Matthew is available for Channeled Readings in person or by phone as well as Counseling, Coaching, and Hypnotherapy for a wide variety of current and past life issues. He continues to offer classes and workshops. Look at Matthew's web site,

   Donald Gerard, CHT

Donald Gerard Donald Gerard is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Path Counselor. He believes happiness and peace of mind manifest through connection--your connection with yourself and your connection to the rest of creation. Connection involves going deep inside, rediscovering yourself, understanding your life's purpose, shedding unnecessary beliefs, and emerging anew to continue your journey with an enhanced consciousness.
"My philosophy is based on two concepts: holism and individuality. Holism suggests that all things in the universe are connected and that everyone is a whole person--body, mind, and spirit. Individuality suggests that each person has a unique constitution and experiences life in their own unique way. Together these concepts necessitate an approach to health and healing that considers each person's own unique place, potential, and purpose in the web of life."
Learn more about Donald by visiting

   Chenue Colton-Gill, CHT

Chenue Colton-Gill Chenue Colton- Gill, Cht. is a wise woman with many years of experience in various aspects of healing and spirituality. A compassionate listener, she is highly intuitive and has a great gift of "knowing." Chenue is a presenter of the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator in workshops and an expert in using it for growth and development for over 35 years. She has done advanced studies in theology, psychology, spirituality, and community organizing. Chenue has had a lifetime commitment to personal growth, healing and spiritual pursuits. She is a trained herbalist and co-owner of Optimum Natural Foods and Products, Inc. in Napa, California.
You can read more about her on her web site at

   Gayle Greco, CHT

Gayle Greco Gayle graduated from the Center for Hypnotherapy in June of 2003. Since that time, Gayle has created her holistic health practice in Nevada City, CA, where she offers clients a choice of Hypnotherapy, Angel Therapy/Readings, and Frequencies of Brilliance, an energy bodywork. Gayle's hypnotherapy expertise is in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Transformational Healing where, through a series of guided meditations, Gayle's compassionate style allows clients to reach their desired outcomes. Gayle has spent 20+ years in business management coaching and mentoring hundreds of people towards their uniqueness. This blend of business and holistic practices gives Gayle a distinct perspective on creating awareness that balances all areas of life. Gayle offers individual client sessions, workshops, seminars and more.

Please contact her for a complete listing of topics and dates for 2005 at or 510-918-7522. Watch for Gayle Greco on the TV Show, "Innovations in Mind, Body and Spirit" on your local Northern California community channel of Comcast Cable in January '05.

  Lisa Guyman, CHT

Lisa Guyman Lisa Guyman, Cht, is a graduate of the Center for Hypnotherapy with a practice in Denver, Colorado. Through hypnosis Lisa assists clients in releasing habits, fears and other blocks to living a fully and happy life. She creates individualized hypnosis CD's to support her clients in the changes they are seeking. Lisa is certified by The Chopra Center as a Primordial Sound Meditation instructor. She is a Reiki Master, author and producer of "Journey into Meditation: Guided Meditations for Healing, Insight and Manifestation" CD. She teaches workshops in Colorado and in Michigan. Visit her website to learn more and to sign up for her free newsletter. You can contact Lisa at or at (303) 861-2280.

   Barbara Hansen, CHT

Barbara Hansen Barbara is a graduate of the Center for Hypnotherapy Certification and has established herself as a skillful practitioner in her private hypnotherapy practice in Vacaville, CA. For many years, she has been a Registered Nurse, and she also has broad knowledge in alternative health care. Barbara is a massage therapist as well, and now she does wonderful work with Hypno- Massage. She brings healing to people's homes by making many house calls, and she makes herself available for telephone support. Barbara has great enthusiasm, optimism, and a clever sense of humor, as well as an extremely high success rate. She is an Advanced Certified Hypnotherapist and has many specific certifications from our center - including Medical Hypnotherapy, Habit Control and more. She does great work with performance enhancement, healing the inner child, reducing anxiety and stress, eliminating phobias and more. Barbara often responds to compliments of her work by saying, "I have had the tremendous good fortune to have been taught by some of the very greatest instructors, and my skills are a reflection of their exemplary teaching techniques." She also often remarks, "My life is happier, healthier and more abundant than it has ever been - so far!" You can contact Barbara at

   Victoria Holl, CHT

Victoria Holl Victoria Holl graduated from the Center for Hypnotherapy in November 2002 and immediately started using her skills helping people of all ages. Her offices are located in Los Gatos, CA and in San Jose. She calls her business Hypnotherapy Oasis, because within us all there is a fertile area that we can tap into and find relief. She successfully helps with a broad range of issues, using the philosophy that all people have it within them to improve in any area of their life. She practices with active listening and is honored to guide and teach techniques, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which has proven invaluable. She also brings to light Hypno-Floating, which Hypnotherapy in conjunction with a Reduced Environmental Stimulation Tank (R.E.S.T). She is one of the very few Bay Area Hypnotherapist who utilizes such a remarkable modality to enhance well-being. She has produced a line of quality CDs for sale and also offers personalized CDs for a more customized experience.

For more information on Victoria, please visit

   Okka Holthuis CHT

Okka Holthuis Okka Holthuis, founder of Rainbow Healing Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, certified as a Health Practitioner, Hypnotist, Spiritual Counselor, and Instructor has dedicated her life to supporting others improve their life situations. Okka is a graduate of our hypnotherapy certification program, and she does beautiful healing work. One of the contributions she’s made is her assistance to Hurricane Katrina survivors in Louisiana. She and a friend took a huge truck filled with provisions and drove it into Louisiana to provide relief. You can see great photos and find out much more about on her web site.
     You can also assist Okka by sending contributions for future life-saving missions to: Okka Holthuis, P.O. Box 13154, North Palm Beach, FL 33408. We are honored to know someone who is making this level of contribution to others. Congratulations, Okka!

   Gerri Levitas, CHT

Gerri Levitas Gerri Levitas is a Certified Hypnotherapist and a graduate of our program. She began her professional career as a music therapist. Gerri holds an MBA in health care and is a former hospital administrator. Her private practice, Bay Healing, is located in Walnut Creek. She also offers hypnosis workshops throughout the Bay Area. Her main areas of focus are in wellness and performance enhancement. In addition to hypnotherapy, she is a practitioner in both Reiki and sound healing. Gerri is dedicated to working in an honored partnership, helping each person along their journey towards personal growth, transformation and fulfillment.
To find out more about Gerri, please contact her at 925-935-2502 or visit her web site.

   Kim Markison

Kim Markison
Kim Markison Her lifelong path is to teach and show humanity how powerful and extraordinary they really are. She is a graduate of the Center for Hypnotherapy Certification and before she moved to Oregon, she was the intuitive development instructor in our program. Intuitive since birth, Kim began conducting formal readings for clients in 1998. Her background includes 15 years as a graphic artist, working her way up from production artist to art director of magazine publications as well as a graphic design instructor for City College of San Francisco. Kim is a workshop leader, NLP Practitioner, and Reiki Master. Her gift and passion is to help people experience profoundly who they truly are - divine expressions of oneness. She has had a formal hypnotherapy practice for seven years, recently launching her own website,, to produce professional, recorded hypnosis sessions designed for anyone and everyone who wants to reduce the stress in their everyday life. For a free MP3 sample to download, Kim invites you to visit!

   Debra Rojas, MA, CHT, LMFT

Debra Rojas
Debra D. Rojas, MA, CHT, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Hypnotherapist in Palo Alto CA. She provides therapy and hypnotherapy for individuals, couples and families. Debra's specialties include Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Divorce, Remarriage, Blended Families and Learning Disabilities. She counsels Veterans and Law Enforcement for Combat Related PTSD, and Other Traumas, and is especially attuned to Women's Issues. Debra utilizes the Transformational Healing Method for hypnotherapy clients who are always amazed at the depth of their healing experience. She presents informational workshops and training to community groups on a variety of subjects, and is available to the media.

For those who are unable to come into her office, Debra now provides therapy over the phone or through Skype. Learn more at You may reach Debra by phone at (650) 561-3764 or e-mail

   Seth-Deborah Roth, CHT

Seth-Deborah Roth
 Seth-Deborah Roth, CRNA, CHT has had many years of experience in the medical field as a Nurse Anesthetist. She graduated from our center in August of 2000. After graduation, she received masters certifications in NLP and Reiki, and she became a practitioner in Time Line Therapy and HypnoBirthing. She has also been certified with special training in Pain Control, Cancer Hypnosis, Medical Hypnosis, Pediatric Hypnosis, Habit Control and Weight Loss. Her practice "Hypnotherapy for Health" is located in both Castro Valley and Pleasanton, California where she specializes in Medical Hypnosis. She has been a speaker at conferences and on the radio. She produces hypnosis CDs and specializes in customizing CDs for different medical issues or surgical procedures. For more information please go to her web site at or browse her blog at

   Virginia Sabedra, CHT

Virginia Sabedra Virginia Sabedra is a Certified Hypnotherapist and has been involved with hypnosis and its powerful and therapeutic benefits since graduating from our training in 1996. She is also a Certified NeuroLinguistic Practitioner (NLP), and is trained in HypnoBirthing, Reiki, Kinesiology, Bach Flower Vibrational Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Energy Field Technologies. In addition to these, her extensive understanding of the principals of the mind and energy field processes maximize her clients' sessions for fast, positive, life-enhancing results. Virginia adds double duty and double power to her Mind Performance Coaching programs by also teaching her clients how to work with their own powerful minds for continued clarity, focus, direction, growth and renewal. To find out more about Virginia and her work, click here .

   Yvonne Schwab, CHT

Yvonne Schwab Yvonne Schwab is another talented and successful graduate of our school. Yvonne, who is always vivacious and ebullient, graduated from the Center in 1999. She immediately opened her private practice in San Jose, and soon afterward became certified in HypnoBirthing, The Mongan Method. She has taught HypnoBirthing to over 500 couples since 2000. She now teaches the HypnoBirthing segment in our certification program. She has been a guest on radio and TV, and she teaches at the annual HypnoBirthing Conclave.

For more information on Yvonne, please visit her websites, and

   Dr. Olga Stevko

Olga Stevko
  Dr. Olga Stevko combines over 18 years experience as a Medical Doctor (licensed in Russia) & Certified Hypnotherapist to help her clients achieve dramatic results in her San Francisco practice. Olga specializes in Medical & Health issues, including weight loss, surgery preparation/recovery, insomnia, stress release, pain management and anti- aging. She received national recognition through NBC & MSNBC for her successful “Diets Don’t Work” Weight Loss Program, which also featured her client who lost 107 pounds. Olga additionally specializes in personal development issues, including: habit modification, goal setting & life coaching, overcoming fears, and improving relationships. She currently provides hypnosis sessions to clients in 6 different countries in person or by phone. Olga has also created a number of unique hypnosis programs which are available on CDs, including her weight loss program. She is very proud to be a graduate of the Hypnotherapy Center. For more information about Dr. Olga Stevko, please visit her web site, at . She can be contacted at or call (415)710-8485.

   Beverly Taylor, CHT

Beverly Taylor Beverly Taylor graduated from the Hypnotherapy Center in August 2000. She has created numerous CDs for sale and is a regular guest on radio shows such as KEST 1450 Seeing Beyond in Northern CA. Beverly has her own unique hypnotherapy program called, "Clutter to Clarity," which helps people clear out the clutter in their lives. She has spoken at the National Guild and the International Hypnosis Federation about this program, in addition to selling her new books called "Clutter to Clarity" and "Client-Focused Smoking Cessation". She has even obtained an endorsement of the clutter book from John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women from Venus! Beverly is also authorized to teach our Transformational Healing Method. She is a skilled, sensitive and highly effective hypnotherapist.
For more information about Beverly, visit

   Martha Watson, CHT, CI

Crystal White Martha Watson CHT, CI is a Certified Instructor for: The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, The National Guild of Hypnotists, The International Association of Counselors and Therapists, The American Board of Hypnotherapy and a graduate of our training program. She does sessions and teaches hypnosis throughout the world. Martha's Internet business is called "Insight Therapies." Martha is also a talented intuitive guide. She has created her own products as well, including five hypnosis CD'S,author of four books, and creator of two businesses; Hypnotherapy Training and Search Engine Optimization skills. She is compassionate in her work and has a special gift for identifying a person's life lessons. She has two children and presently lives in Erie, PA.

You can contact her at 1-814-866-2428 or through her web site

   Andria Michelle Wood, CHT

Andria_Michelle_Wood Andria Michele Wood has spent the past ten years learning cutting-edge technologies that create amazing results in very little time. She has been in business most of her adult life and has a wide range of interests. Andria is personally committed to a non- denominational spiritual path that honors all paths to truth. She brings her compassion and sense of fun to every session. Here's what someone has said of her: "Andria has a great sense of humor, she's really well organized and very professional. She bubbles with enthusiasm. I'm thankful that I know her." Andria is a Certified Hypnotherapist who trained in our program. She is also a Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer. You can find out more about her and her Creative Healing Arts Center here. Andria is located in Sacramento, CA.

More graduate profiles will be posted to this page on a monthly basis.