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Why Do Deep Inner Healing?

Marilyn Gordon, Cht

There is more to healing than alleviation of symptoms, succeeding in a career or finding and keeping a mate. Yes, healing is about all of these; yet it is more. It’s about self-knowledge. We’ve come to this earth for a great purpose: to overcome all obstacles that are covering our experiences of higher love and wisdom. Deep inner healing, or hypnotherapy, has all the ingredients to help us accomplish this purpose.

During the relaxation process, we have the opportunity to not only experience and transform these obstacles by going deeply within, but through it, we can experience transcendent states. Some practitioners have wondered why we should bring up deep material from the inner mind. They feel that abreaction, or the experience of deep feelings, can be difficult or harmful. Some say they get faster results with other approaches or that deep healing is difficult.

When we do deep inner healing, in addition to direct suggestion, energy therapies, visualization, and other techniques, we open up possibilities for inner experiences that we might not otherwise have had. To get to these experiences, we might say, “Let’s see what your deep inner mind would like to pay attention to today.” Or we can say, “Let’s go to the root of your issue today.” This way, we have the opportunity to know about experiences from our lives that we may have missed. Sometimes we go into past experiences; yet it is also possible to stay in the here and now, experiencing what’s going on in the body or in the higher mind.

One man had recurrent allergies, the symptoms of which had been controlled intermittently by energy therapies, ways of actual tapping on the meridian points to help the energy to flow more freely. He wanted to look more deeply at his situation, and it came to him through deeper healing, that his allergies had to do with his relationships. He saw that every time he had an allergy attack, it was directly connected with some relationship he was in and was his own way of telling himself that he had not yet found the person who was ultimately right for him. On looking more deeply at this, he found unresolved grief over a great disappointment in love. When he put his awareness on this, paid full attention to his loneliness and grief, something in him profoundly relaxed. Just by seeing this in a high state of awareness – seeing how these buried feelings impacted his physical symptoms – allowed him to let go. He came into a state of greater self-knowledge and peace. He was able then to feel his greater connection with God, which he knew was the ultimate relationship. We could have simply suggested that his symptoms would vanish, or we could tap them away. Yet his knowledge of how his consciousness was affecting his physical symptoms was truly transformative for him.

Deep inner healing is not only an opportunity to explore root causes, but a vehicle for exploring anything in the subconscious that may be worthy of our attention. The greatest of these experiences are those of transcendental awareness or cosmic consciousness. One woman, after experiencing a very painful divorce, began biting her nails. She knew she was “eating herself up” inside and out, and when she went into a state of deep inner healing, something profound happened to her. She experienced a blue light. This is not something she normally experienced; great beings have called the blue light the color of consciousness that underlies all matter. This woman didn’t know that. She’d never even meditated. But when she went into that state of deep relaxation, she was introduced to an expanded world. She did stop biting her nails, and something inside of her relaxed in a deeper way than ever before. She had made contact with the center of herself.

Other people have deep healing experiences, in which a voice of guidance speaks to them, giving them an entirely new perspective on their problems. Others make contact with the consciousness of the cells of their bodies to foster a kind of communication that helps them overcome many physical issues. Others have experiences in which their hearts open so much that forgiveness and love of everything and everyone in their lives is the only alternative. There is a revelation in these deep states of an inner center in which there is a release from all the vicissitudes of life and the difficulties of the world. There is a sanctuary in which ultimate peace can be experienced.

Being Aware of the Human Condition 

Some people have given up on deep inner healing because they think it’s hard, too much work or takes too long. Or they don’t know how to do it. Even Freud, it is said, gave up on hypnosis, pronouncing it ineffective, because he didn’t get the hoped-for results. It has also been said that Freud hadn’t really mastered the art of hypnosis. If he had, just imagine how the course of psychoanalysis might have changed.

Other people have a true fear of working with deep emotion. Some think that people will get stuck in these experiences forever. Others just don’t like to be around feelings that pour out. If you are one of these people, and you’d like to change this, just know two things: one, that the way out is often through, and that there is a light at the end of each tunnel. And two, that as you allow your own emotions to come forth in your own healing work with yourself, you become more and more comfortable allowing others to experience their deep feelings.

Allowing the experience of deeper feelings is like going into a soup pot stirring it up, and letting all the “stuff” on the bottom of the pot float up to the surface. Doing this allows you to skim the surface of the soup, moving away whatever isn’t needed to make the perfect meal. The greatest thing here is that there is an important alchemy involved. Anger can become light. Grief can morph into forgiveness and love. Fear can relax itself into perfect faith. You don’t have to have a prolonged and unrelenting experience of these feelings, but you can allow them, and in doing this, you can create a cleansing of the emotional organism. Yes, of course, you can “tap” for fear, anger, grief and more, and you can “smooth out” the electrical system. That is very powerful. In addition to this, paying attention to the deep experience of whatever is within you is an important part of being aware of the human condition. And again, it is often true that “the way out is through.” Sometimes the journey through the dark forest is filled with important experiences. Hansel and Gretel needed to get the witch and put her in the oven before they could join hands and dance in freedom.

When people learn new and quick modalities, they sometimes let deep healing go by the wayside. They may have been using long induction techniques or complex regressions that may have proved laborious for their clients. Nevertheless, there are ways of doing deep inner healing, or combining them with the new and quick modalities, that creates a smooth, simple, and also deep experience for clients. I most often do energy therapy, tapping on the energy meridians while talking about the issues, before I do deep inner healing. This clears a path for the next step. When I do deep inner healing, I will ask the client to pay attention to whatever else needs to be known or understood about the issue. Perhaps, then, something visual will come up, perhaps a feeling or a thought. Perhaps the client will take a more cosmic view. This may mean that he or she will see the life lesson that her challenge presents. Perhaps her guide might come forth with great wisdom. Perhaps her heart will open to great healing love. Then, I also use energy therapies within the session, as a release technique. If deep feelings come forth, often we use tapping techniques to release them. This way, the client has both the opportunity to experience her experience and then to transform it. Many miracles have taken place in this way.

The Path of Self-Knowledge

The path of self-knowledge is both deep and high. We’ve come into this world to understand life with full awareness. This ultimately means that when we understand the issues that life has given us to resolve and heal, then we can tear off the veils around them and see that there is something else underneath them. Underneath the “play of light and shadows” is pure consciousness, itself. Underneath the anger, fear, grief, self-doubt, success, failure, rightness, and wrongness, there is a radiant core. This is what we’ve come here to uncover. Fortunately we have all the necessary tools. Inner healing is not a quick fix. It is the work of a lifetime, both a commitment and an ultimate joy.

©2006 Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI
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