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How is Transformation Different from Change?
Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI

       It’s possible to bring forth the advanced capacities for healing and transformation that already exist within. This advanced or higher mind has radiant healing powers, powers of love, knowing, compassion, peace, light and more. In the process of transformational healing, you move from darkness into light. You first travel through the darkness, learn from it, and you continue on out into the light of expanded perception. When you reach this level of mind, you have the ability to release old patterns and transform your greatest negativities into enlightened understanding.
       There is a great Sanskrit prayer, which says:

Lead us from darkness into light…
From the unreal to the real…
From death to immortality.
Om shanti, shanti, shanti.

       In the universe, there is a great cosmic dance in which darkness naturally unravels to reveal light. At the core of everything, even the bleakest darkness, is light. As you allow the experience of darkness to present itself, you travel even more deeply within, and you may experience a light that calms you. You may experience a voice of your highest wisdom telling you that everything is working out, as it must and that some great transformation is taking place in your life. You may find yourself filled with great peace and divine spirit. Perhaps some image appears before you as a symbol of your own highest healing powers. This happens because you’ve allowed yourself to fully experience your predicament, and now the doors naturally open to profound healing.

        The transformation of your consciousness means that you are able to uplift your understanding of existence. It means that there is a shift in the way you see and perceive. Healing, in fact, is the profound connection with the transformational power, the Healing Power itself. Our inner ills are the result of a lack of connection with these advanced qualities of being. In getting back in touch with them, healing takes place on every level.

        The teacher White Eagle, in a book called Heal Thyself, has said:

“Every soul seems to suffer; but if you can see that suffering in its right perspective, you will see that it brings a rebirth. Through limitation and suffering, the soul emerges into the divine life and light, just as the insect emerges from the chrysalis stage into a beautiful winged creature in the sunlight.”

Activating the Healing Qualities of Mind

We can ask questions to unveil the transformational healing experiences: · How can I heal this? · Can I experience more love here?

* Can I step back from this and see it in a different way, from another perspective?
* Can I quiet my mind? Experience more peace?
* Can I have more compassion here?
* What am I learning from this?
* Is there a particular part of myself that needs healing? What does that part of me need?
* Is there a particular way I can release this?
* Is this about my ego? Can I take any steps beyond this?
* Can I experience more light here?
* Can I forgive in this situation?

Let’s take a brief look at these questions:

Can I experience more love here?

       Love exists within, independent of an external source. It is dancing in every cell, in every molecule of our being. It is the essential substance of the universe. It can be experienced as a feeling of caring, as ecstasy, as a divine force field, as a transcendent healing power. When it is not experienced, it is because it is often covered over with experiences of limitation. In addition to the ills of the body, the absence of the experience of love is the greatest cause of the difficulties of human existence. Replaced by ego and separation, its insufficiency is the cause of war, discord and great human suffering.

       You can open your ability to experience love by healing your experience of separation, contacting your source of Wisdom, and making a connection with the powerful force field in which love is all pervading.

       You can allow yourself to come to know what’s in the way of the experience of love, and you can call to the healing power to open you. You can affirm,” I Am the power of love. I am healing myself now.”

       Anyone who has love carries the love vibration and can assist you in opening your own. Any great being who is unfettered with negativity can open you to the experience of love. Any friend or relative, past or present, alive or passed on, who has an open heart can heal the experience of separation in you, can open you up to knowing the expanded power of love.

       In your healing process, you can ask yourself, “Can I experience more love here?” And you can see what grace or miracles come to you to help you to move beyond the limitations you’ve been experiencing. You can imagine a healing person loving you or a loving, healing energy coming either to you or from you.

       Seeing a previously distressing situation with eyes of love can be extraordinarily healing. One woman had food compulsions. She binged frequently, and she also drank more than she knew was good for her. When she looked at what was happening inside of her, she saw that when she was little, she used to steal money from her parents to buy food, as there wasn’t enough food around, and she wasn’t allowed to ask for anything. She had shame around there not being enough food, and she had guilt around stealing. She spent a lot of time alone as a child, and it felt like food and later, alcohol, were her best friends. When she asked to experience more about this, in her mind’s eye, she saw a very little girl. She’d like her adult self to be with her, just to sit with her and have her eyes, ears and heart open to her. She became filled with love, and her Wise Mind told her to write about this, “to put the unspoken language of her heart into words.” She felt so much love within herself and within the little girl. She knew she’d have to do more healing, but she no longer had a desire for alcohol, and she felt much more relaxed about food.

Can I step back from this and see it in a different way, from another perspective?

       This is also called “witness consciousness,” and it is a profound state for healing. It is the ability to step out of the mire of the experience and to see it from a greatly expanded point of view. It can be called “cosmic vision” or “standing back.” Whatever you wish to call it, it is a powerful state for healing. Your Wise Mind can give you the understanding so that you can move back from the “pea soup” of your experience, and you can see in new ways.

       Seeing an experience from an expanded point of view shifts it. While you’re in it, it may seem like pure suffering. But when you stand back, you may see powerful growth opportunity there, or you may see it as a necessary part of your inner path. This is the “lemonade syndrome,” the ability to make it from lemons, the ability to see with greater wisdom and insight.

       You might see how deaths needed to take place because there needed to be space for other life events to happen. You might see how accidents needed to happen to set you on a new path. You might see how loss of an older version of “self esteem” gave you the opportunity to re-develop your character. You might notice how being “left out” gave you the ability to be with yourself. You might see how having had physical disabilities has helped you to develop a deeper sense of the inner life.

       Standing back gives you perspective, and it helps you to see a situation with a different focus. It’s like putting up a picture on the wall. It’s hard to see if it’s straight when you stand very close, but when you move away, you can see exactly how to position it.

       One man was constantly angry with his boss. He saw him as a petty tyrant. He stewed in his anger, so much that he was developing a skin ailment. It was something akin to hives, which involved an eruption of redness, and which he knew was his anger externalized. He also knew that he’d have to make some changes in his perception, as this was starting to affect him in powerful ways.

        When he looked at his boss from an expanded point of view, he saw that his boss was still a child in many ways, bullying his way through life. He imagined him as a child, and he experienced that the boss had been bullied throughout his childhood. This relieved the man of a great deal of his anger. He simply moved back to see his boss more clearly. In stepping back, he was also able to view the panorama of the experience at work. He saw that this was a “setup” by the universe to get him to heal his own childhood and his own anger. He felt sorry for his boss. The emotions didn’t affect him any longer, as he moved into a space of the “observer.” From this, he soon found he didn’t need to be working with the boss any longer. He could move on in his life as he had moved on in his consciousness.

Can I quiet my mind? Experience more peace?

        We all know that the mind is constantly thinking. That’s its job, and it thinks incessantly. What we may or may not know is that the constant parade of thoughts obscures the light inside. Your thoughts may be sad or angry or achievment-oriented or worried. This is determined by your own destiny and programming. When we can go “underneath” the thoughts and feelings, we can find a blanket of peace. One woman said in a session: “Underneath my sadness is a landscape of me.” In her mind’s eye, she had seen rolling hills, carpets of green grass, breathtaking flowers, and she felt peaceful, calm, relaxed and centered. Her sadness was like a storm cloud – thick and gray and dismal, and underneath it was an airy, light, sunny carefree experience. She said that this was the most positive experience she’d ever had. This came from doing a deep relaxation/meditation process, in which she was able to go to a very deep place within herself, a sanctuary in her own soul. Here there was perfect peace.

        To be able to see peace with regard to the difficulties in your life involves that same process – going deeply inside to the core of pure peace and see how the difficulty appears in this context. When you come here to this central core, you listen or feel, or watch, and healing is given. You are given the opportunity to be more peaceful and calm about your finances or your health, to see what solutions arise from the center of your being.

        Underneath all the vicissitudes of life and the challenges of deep feelings is “a landscape” of you. Here you can rest in green pastures, beside still waters and restore your soul. Here the wars have ended, in this place of the deepest peace.

Can I have more compassion here?

        Compassion is about caring for the well being of another. It is your heart reaching out to see that all beings are suffering and that each one is living out his or her script on the stage of eternity. When you are able to step back and see this, you have solved a major portion of your difficulties in relationships. Relationships based on compassion rather than competition or putting others down are of the greatest value. The monk, Thich Nhat Hanh talks about this compassion as it might play out in relationship. He writes the possible words of one person in relationship to another.

Those words might be:

Darling, do I understand you enough? Or am I making you suffer? Please tell me so that I can learn to love you properly. I don’t want to make you suffer, and if I do so because of my ignorance, please tell me so that I can love you better, so that you can be happy. (p. 80. Peace is Every Step, Bantam Books, 1991)

        Mother Theresa, too, in her compassion, assisted the indigent of Calcutta, loved them in what she called “their distressing disguise.” Truly, everyone and everything is the universal life force in disguise.

        In your own healing process, you can first have compassion for yourself. You’ve been working so hard, doing what you can do to make your life and the lives around you be a good as possible. You can have compassion for the fact that you may have excess baggage, which comes form your early programming or your own karma and destiny. You may have had very difficult experiences that have left deep marks upon you.

        And you can take your compassion even further, as you see that the people around you, past and present, including perpetrators of even unspeakable things, have been doing what they knew how to do at the time, living out their scripts in the divine drama. No, it doesn’t excuse the unspeakable acts. They might have been very hard to bear. Still they have been the very wounds that have pierced you open to a higher life.

        That man whose anger shattered your peace and hurt your heart was also hurting. He was hurting so very much that he couldn’t restrain himself. That woman who punished you was cut off from her own inner love. She was living in a mire of illusion and pain. Many people haven’t reached a point in their lives in which they could say to you, “I don’t want to make you suffer, and if I do so because of my ignorance, please tell me so that I can love you better, so that you can be happy.”

        Compassion for yourself and for others helps to bring peace, love, and healing to your life. Here you can drop the barrier to your own deepest connection with the transcendent. Here you can clear the airwaves for direct contact with the divine.

What am I learning from this?

        When you have a sense that there is meaning in the events of life, that though illusory, they are instructive and instrumental in our evolution, you look for the teaching in all of your experiences. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are reprimanded by the events of your life. It doesn’t mean that it’s a pedagogical experience in which you’re told to “live by the Golden Rule” or some old adage. It means that you can look for the wise understanding. This step in healing overlaps with our question, “What would my Wise Mind tell me about this?” You simply pose the question about what you’re learning from this. What am I being asked to notice about this situation? What is its significance in my life?

        We know that events come in patterns. We repeat situations in one form or another until we get the healing. Then we can release, unless we have to work something out at an even higher level. When we see that something is repeating itself over and over, we can look to ask, “What is this doing in my life? What am I learning from this?”

        If you’re finding that you comfort yourself with food all too often, you might want to pose the “learning” question. What is your need for comfort all about? What are you truly craving? What can you do to get your need for comfort satisfied so that you don’t reach for things that aren’t for your highest good? How can you take care of yourself better?

        If you’re finding that you have difficulty with money, you may ask what you're learning. Are you learning the value of money? How to be wiser with it? How to think in terms of greater abundance?

        What are you learning in relation to the issues that are challenging in your life? How is this making you great and strong? How is this ultimately contributing to your evolution as a conscious being? What truly are you learning from this?

        Is there a particular part of myself that needs healing?
        What does that part of me need?

        As you look within, you may find old parts of yourself, what I call “frozen pictures in the soul.” These are parts of self that live unhealed within the great “database” of the soul. When you find them, you can bring great love and healing to them. They exist in the present moment, even though they’re parts of self from various stages in your life. They are calling out to be recognized and brought into the center of your being. There may be a young woman or man who was rejected in relationship. There may be a teen who felt lonely and out of place. There may be an infant who was unwanted and who is craving for love and attention. There may be a child who was severely reprimanded or shamed and who exists suspended in time, waiting for the opportunity to be healed.

        When you find these parts, you bring healing and love and peace to them. They can be awakened, and they can come with your transcendent self into your center. Then they are made whole by being touched by the hand of enlightenment and love.

        When you ask yourself, “What does that part of me need?” - it is almost always attention and love. You can give this to your own self, from the wellspring inside.

Is there a particular way I can release this?

        You may find that the very act of paying attention to something releases it immediately. Bringing awareness to anything shifts it profoundly. You may also find that contact with your Wise Mind releases your issue right away. Any of the healing states can also bring release.

        You might also find that a special releasing step is needed. There are times when you can simply say, “I let go of this; I release it now,” and it vanishes. Sometimes this doesn’t seem to do it. There are other ways of letting go. We’ll look at a few in a moment.

        Sometimes, though, you think you’d like to let go of something, but if you really look deeply inside, you’d rather hang onto it. It’s familiar; it’s strangely comfortable. It’s what you’ve known for so long, and it’s keeping you from taking the next step – which could be scary or risky or a step out into the unknown. Keeping a burden may validate your inner thoughts that you aren’t worth the effort, and you may think you’ve done so many things wrong in your life that you must pay for them in one way or another, in this case, by hanging onto the ball and chain.

        Yet when you really look at it, you’re not truly safe or comfortable at all with it. It’s a mere illusion, and one day you reach the “I’ve had it” moment, and you find the key that unlocks the ball and chain, and you’re ready to let go. You take off the manacles, throw them away, and you set out on a path in which you learn how to take the next step and be free. You realize it’s not worth it anymore to hold yourself back. It’s finally time to release.

        In addition to the approaches we’ve been talking about here, you can also do specific release techniques. You can do visualization, affirmation, energy therapies or other release processes.

        You may want to “see” yourself free of your burden, to imagine yourself without it. If you’re not a visualizer, go ahead and experience it from whatever modality works well for you. Feel it, hear it, smell it, or just know it. Experience yourself in whatever state brings you freedom. Close your eyes, and give your experience time and space to happen.

        Your words are also powerful in helping to set you free. One of my favorites is, “I AM the power of healing, and I AM healing myself now.” The "I AM" is a call to the universal healing life force. It is a true affirmation and call to the highest transformative energy and power. You can find your own way of affirming that you truly have completed whatever your last step has been - and that you’re now moving on. This takes place, of course, after you’ve paid full attention to whatever has been your difficulty, you’ve asked your Wise Mind about it, and you’ve asked how to heal it. You are fully able to release when you’ve given your issues focused attention and care.

        There are many kinds of energy therapies that can assist you to heal. Some use the laying-on-of-hands. They work with the field of energy in the aura, and that energy can be shifted in many circumstances. Working with the meridian energy points on the physical body is a powerful way to release. Ancient Chinese medicine has been working with these stress relief points for centuries. You find ways to tap on them or use needles with them, in the case of acupuncture. Doing this removes obstructions in the pathways for positive energy to flow.

        How do you wish to release? By contacting your own wisdom source, you are given the keys.

Is this about my ego? Can I take any steps beyond this?

        There’s nothing wrong with having an ego. In fact, most Western literature and culture is trying to strengthen it. “Increase your self-esteem” or “Be number one!” - are the rallying calls for many movements in Western culture. The only problem is that sometimes this ego strengthening obscures the underlying essence of being. There are times, of course, when someone seems to need to stand up for himself or take care of herself first or pay attention to self-demeaning thoughts and comments. There are other times when the question is, “Is this about my ego? Can I take any steps beyond this?”

        If your worry is about the impression you’re making on everyone or if you’re doing better than someone or if you’re wish is to be the smartest and the richest, you may want to consider the questions: “Is this about my ego? Is this about me, me, me? Can I go beyond this? Can I wish well to all human beings? Can I wish for them what I am wishing for myself? Can I take some emphasis off of looking better than, achieving more, outrunning, outdoing, expanding my own self-aggrandizement?

        Looking at this issue is a path of healing. Expanding the lens through which you view the universe takes you out of a self-limiting box and opens your heart to all of humanity. It’s another step in a healing direction.

Can I experience more light here?

        Because the essence of transformational healing is the movement from darkness into light, this is a most significant step. To be able to bring more light to your body, your mind and to any situation is to set it in vibrational harmony with the healing power, the sacred energy, of the universe Obi Wan Kenobi wielded his light saber and said to Darth Vader, “Even if you slay me, I shall still be more powerful than you.” The force of light is a gift of the spirit. It can be called forth, visualized, affirmed, experienced in a flash of a moment or over what seems to be time, itself. The lighter you are, the more attuned you are to the Beings of Light who are out of our normal visual range, but who live on many levels of our consciousness. The more the light is present, the greater is the healing. The question, “Can I bring more light here?” is a powerful one. “Can I bring light to this situation right now? What would it be like if the light surrounded this issue? If the light infused this? If there were light within and without?”

        The great Master Omraam Mikhaël Aďvanhov has said:

Light…contains all the qualities and virtues of God…so concentrate your thought on light, rest in light, melt into light, soak yourself in light and picture the entire universe bathed in that light. Little by little as you do this, you will find that all the elements of your being begin to fall into place, that this light is bringing you true knowledge, lasting peace, inner balance and power…. Light is a living spirit.
(Omraam Mikhaël Aďvanhov Light is a Living Spirit; Editions Prosveta 1988; p.58)

        The light within you has profound healing power. You can imagine the small lonely child inside bathed in a blanket of light, healed and whole. The little girl who was abused is cleansed and healed with beams of light. A wound or tumor can be bathed in light. Pain can be infused with light rays. A warring relationship can be touched with the magic of the light saber and transformed. You can send the light to another, and you can bathe the entire world in illuminating beams.

        You may experience the light as gold or white. It may come from a beam that originates in the universe, or it may originate from within you. It may be warm or have no temperature at all. It may just be light. See it, feel it, know it, and let the light shine on all the darkness of the universe.

        It is no accident that alternative healers who work with higher vibrations are called “Light Workers.” You are likely one of them yourself. Some people look as if light is oozing from their very pores. You can feel it coming from their eyes. It is because they have been able to illuminate and heal the deepest negativities of their souls with light. The thought of light has the power to heal the mind of profound negativity. It is more powerful than the forces of the darkness. So when we concentrate on it and let it shine, we come to know the luminous presence that is here for us at every moment.

Can I forgive in this situation?

        Only when you are ready, is it time to forgive. Premature forgiveness takes away your time for processing what’s happening and what your Wise Mind might say about how you can heal this. When you’ve looked at every angle and peered around every corner, you can forgive. A Course in Miracles says, “Forgiveness gives me everything I want.” This is because when you forgive, the weight of the burden that you’re carrying is no longer present, and you are finally able to experience spaciousness, light, pure air, and healing. To hold onto an old wound is to hold onto illusion. First of all, if you accept that what’s happening is for your highest good, then what has happened has somehow been a part of your path to self-awareness and ultimate enlightenment. Some of the difficult experiences have come to burn off your karma and to pierce you open so that you could be on the path of light. It is highly likely that the person who abused you in many ways was a harbinger of good fortune, as you now had cause to heal yourself through a transformation of your mind and life. This is not to say that it was the “right” thing for an abuser to do – just that, because it did take place, it now serves as your stroke of awakening.

        Forgiveness can also come through compassion. You see that the person who made life difficult for you was living in darkness, was unhappy and living in a state of pure ignorance. To understand this lifts your eyes and your heart toward the knowledge that you need not continue on with the suffering. You can understand, and when you are ready, you can forgive.

        “Forgiveness is the key to happiness” is another aphorism from A Course in Miracles. Negativity comes from the land of illusion, according to this book and others, and therefore, doesn’t even exist. In this respect, there is nothing to forgive. The only truth is Love.

        Whatever may be your way of working with illusion and reality, darkness and light, suffering and healing, allowing yourself to move on from old unforgiven places in the old cellars and attics of consciousness, there is always the possibility of turning on the light switch. When this happens, the dark critters that have meandered out from the woodwork all scamper away.

Anchoring Your Healing

        The last step is to anchor this state. You may want to find a word, phrase or image that symbolizes this altered experience. Then you may want to create a gesture, such as putting your thumb together with your index finger while experiencing this word, phrase or image. Each time you put your thumb together with your index finger and experience the anchor, you’re able to bring yourself back to this state of being, the resource state of comfort and ease. When working with such samskaras or tendencies of the mind, it is important to have something to carry into daily life to reinforce the healing experience, as these tendencies don’t just get pulled up like a bunch of turnips or radishes; they are deeply ingrained. This is why it’s important to have a tangible anchoring experience that can be used on a regular basis, in addition to the process of paying full attention to the difficulty.

        One young woman had a habitual tendency to put herself down or to feel put down by others. She was, in a word, insecure. Paying attention to it, she found knots in her stomach, tightness in many places in her body. Her Wise Mind showed her a bird of freedom taking away her burdens. She felt light and free. She put her thumb together with her index finger, saying, “I am lightness.” This is something she could do consistently in the context of her life to keep centering her if the pattern resurfaced.

        Another woman had great childhood pain and sadness. In paying attention, she felt the sadness all through her body, bracing herself for something terrible to happen, always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Her Wise Mind showed her the great resource she had for healing this sadness: the love of her grandmother. She put her thumb together with her index finger, experienced herself together with her grandmother, as she said, “I am loved.”

        Still one more woman had a paralyzing fear of going to the dentist. She paid attention to a feeling of panic, like she might pass out. She remembered a dentist from when she was ten, a man who had been cruel and who’d hurt her. Her Wise Mind gave her two angels – one of Courage and one of Peace. She anchored with her thumb and index finger, seeing the angels and saying the words, “Courage and Peace.” Her next visit to a dentist was ecstatic and beautiful. Not only had she uncovered a root cause of her distress, but also she was also able to shift her consciousness to a state of comfort and peace.

        It would be ideal if all you had to do were to do this once, and it would last forever. That can happen, but often patterns recur. As you meet them with awareness and perseverance, you build your healing and enlightenment step by step. It is your good fortune that you have a healing technique that you carry around with you at all times, something that is innate in your being. When you pay attention, invite in your Wise Mind and the healing resources, and you anchor the resource states, you are able to be more consistently in touch with your radiant and loving essence. Read Extraordinary Healing: Transforming Your Consciousness, Your Energy System and Your Life by Marilyn Gordon. It's a Guidebook for Healing Yourself and Others with Transformational Hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Available at bookstores or at .

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