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Three Questions to Transform Your Mind

Marilyn Gordon, Cht

If you would like to heal the issues of your life, your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions, here are a few questions for transforming issues in the moment, a natural inquiry process. They work well for self-healing, as well as for sessions with another.

First you choose the issue you would like to know about more fully and ultimately transform. It can be an emotional experience, something going on in your body, a rift in a relationship, a trauma, a persistent habit or habit of mind.

The Three Questions

Here are the questions. They all have depth to them, as you move layer by layer into the healing process:

  1. What's happening here?
  2. What would my Wise Mind tell me about this?
  3. How can I heal this?

You can be creative with the questions, and one will lead to another. Let your intuition take over, and you'll find that questions come from deep places and will ultimately lead to revelations and healing.

What's Happening Here?

The moment you look at something from a state of interest or inquiry, there is a change. You're not "stuck in the pea soup" of the issue any longer, and you have begun to witness it. This, in and of itself, creates transformation.

You find an issue that is ready for healing, and you allow yourself to pay attention to it. No need to push it away. So often, we have parts of ourselves that have been pushed away or rejected. Instead of doing this, we acknowledge these part of ourselves. Our culture often seeks to suppress things with drugs or diversions: "Here, take this, and the symptoms or feelings will go away." There is a tendency to want to "get rid of" things before we ever get to know them. But this is a different approach. Allow yourself to "experience your experience," to come to know it, to pay attention to it, or in the words of the monk Thich Nhat Hanh, to "look deeply." So many people fear looking at their experiences, or they want to anesthetize themselves or even bring themselves to states of light and love quickly -before they've explored what's going on with themselves. Yet once you pay attention, it is intriguing, fascinating and healing to come to know what's going on with you. There is great value in paying attention to what is taking place.

Sometimes, as we've said, just by taking a look at something, healing happens. All it needed was attention. Sometimes the process is more complex. There may need to be emotional experiences. Tears may need to flow. Fears may need to surface. But you can handle it. With the intention of healing, all experiences are embraced in an atmosphere of love and the potential for transformation. This intention "holds the space" for healing.

What is it like to fully pay attention? You stand back and observe, while at the same time, you're allowing yourself to fully know what's going on inside. You ask your inner mind to tell you about it:

  • What's happening here?
  • What am I feeling, seeing, hearing, knowing?
  • What am I experiencing in my body?
  • Have I ever experienced this before? When did it begin? Does this remind me of anything else in my life?
  • Is this something I've made up or invented? Is it real?
  • Tell me more about it.

As you answer, other questions will arise. Ask them until you feel you’ve come to know the issue as well as you can for now.

What would my Wise Mind tell me about this?

Everyone has the capacity to access the part of self that carries wisdom - absolutely everyone. It's not the same as the conscience, the Jiminy Cricket on the shoulder, which carries a moral or value judgment. This is an innate capacity of the superconscious state that people carry within as a part of their birthright. It's a homeopathic remedy in the soul that understands the wisdom in any given life situation. You may be given specific things to do about the situation. As soon as you ask this question, you find yourself in another level of your consciousness. You may be moved to a more elevated state from which you can see the situation in new ways. You come to know the larger picture into which your own life situation is set, and that instantly transforms the situation, itself.

How can I heal this?

The answer to this will take many forms. It might mean that you bring love to the situation. It might mean that you bring a state of peace. It might mean that you see it in a different light or that you bring light to it. It might mean that you embrace the situation in a state of forgiveness, for yourself, or for a perpetrator. It might mean that you're totally ready to release this issue, as it ceases to be relevant any longer. You may want to ask yourself what form the healing needs to take.

One Woman's Experience

A woman had been suffering for so long with deep fears of speaking in public. She decided to ask the questions, to pay attention to her struggle, as she needed to make presentations at work.

"What's happening here?" she asked herself. "My legs shake; my feet feel as if they're going to leave the ground; my breathing is so shallow, I can hardly take another breath. I feel paralyzed and tongue-tied. I've felt this since sixth grade, when someone laughed at me during a recital. I know I'm creating this in my own mind, as I know I have something to say, and I can speak to people one-on-one. I wish to overcome this fear."

"What would my Wise Mind tell me about this?" she asked herself. "You can do this," her Wise Mind says. "You just have to handle these physical symptoms and heal the sixth-grade girl. You have an important talk to give, and you are now being inspired and assisted by something larger than yourself. I AM here to assist you. Just tune into this force beyond you, and you'll do beautifully. You need to practice over and over, and you'll have familiarity with this. You'll do it with ease. Tune into what you're saying and what your purpose is. Step out of your ego's need for approval. Speak from a clear state."

She then asked, "How can I heal this?" She found that she could indeed bring healing to this situation. She learned to work with her breathing to deepen and relax it. She went within to the young girl's experience, and she brought love and compassion to the girl. She was instantly relieved. She imagined herself speaking eloquently in public. She felt a new energy come into her body and mind, and an uplifted state - almost a state of grace, in which she knew that a force beyond herself was with her at each moment.

Radiating Love and Healing

As you heal the issues of your life, you become a person who radiates love and healing to others. This is how you also heal the world. The more you attend to the issues on a personal level, the more you become a beacon of healing and transformation for humanity, itself.

We came to this earth to lift ourselves up toward advanced consciousness, divine awareness. By peeling off layer after layer of old traumas, fears, experiences of disharmony and struggle - we peel away layers of illusion that are covering the treasures of love, wisdom, peace, truth, radiance and light that live inside of us at the core of all existence.

This is the purpose of our questions - to come to know the magnificent consciousness that lies at our core. This consciousness is the remedy for all the difficulties, struggles and ailments of ordinary existence. We've come to this earth to dive into this core and to live ultimately in states of enlightenment and wisdom. To unravel the illusion of existence is a journey we are all on.

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