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Transformational Healing Method (THM)™
Created by Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI


            The Transformational Healing Methodÿ (THM) is a healing process for transforming darkness into light. Based on transformational hypnotherapy and combined with EFT, (Emotional Freedom Techniques), it is a profound and comprehensive healing modality for working with most emotional, physical and spiritual issues. With this method you can transform life’s challenges into states of well being, move through such fundamental challenges as physical issues, abandonment, abuse, addictions and habits, past issues, fears, emotions and sabotaging thoughts. Ultimately, you can move into your true essence of strength, love, healing, and positive redirection. You receive emotional and physical healing as well as support for spiritual transformation.

The Four Phases of a Session

THM has four phases: Interview, Tapping, Deep Inner Healing, and Tape-Making. The Deep Inner Healing phase has three stages: Experience, Release, and Transform. 

·        Interview:  The interview process is an inquiry into past, present, and future.

·        Tapping:  During the tapping phase, you learn and experience for yourself how to do EFT, a process in which you tap on specific stress-relief or acupressure points while talking about your issues. You find that the issues are reduced in intensity or completely released.

·        Deep Inner Healing (Transformational Hypnotherapy):  In the third phase, you have the opportunity to relax very deeply and explore the deep inner mind for whatever is important for you to pay attention to. Here is where you look deeply into your own inner being to experience and understand your issues as fully as possible. You may do some tapping in this phase also. You can then release and transform your challenges into states of higher consciousness while you are fully relaxed. You are able to find relief, love, guidance and wisdom, deep peace, and great healing.

·        Tape Making:  In the final phase, you will have a tape made especially for you, which deeply relaxes you and gives positive expression to your life issues.

The THM healing system also includes special techniques to discover the root causes of your issues and to uncover the obstacles you’ve been experiencing in your life.

Some of the results of The Transformational Healing Method are:

·        Stress and anxiety relief
·        Release of fears and phobias
·        Trauma release
·        Spiritual growth support
·        Grief and loss relief
·        Relationship clarity
·        Pain relief
·        Habit cessation
·        Weight control
·        Regression therapy
·        Life transition support
·        And more….

This healing system embraces all levels of consciousness.

            With the combined powers of your subconscious mind, higher consciousness, conscious mind and energy system, you can resolve the dilemmas of your life. You can do self-healing or work with someone else.

            The subconscious mind is a repository of all that you have been and done. It’s the storage place, the database, of all that has taken place in your experience. You can visit it and take a journey into its vast terrain. You can put it on “search mode” – ask it what you need to know at any given point in time.

            Higher consciousness is a built-in enlightenment system. Through it, you experience the love, healing power, wisdom and compassion of the universe.

The energy system is a system of meridians or energy pathways in your body. Getting in touch with this system can help to create a state of well being in your body, mind, and emotions. 

And because the quality of your thoughts naturally has a deep effect on your healing process, we also address your conscious mind.

The way out is through.

            This is a system for healing whatever in your life is obscuring your essence. The results are both practical and transcendental. Its philosophy is that “the way out is through,” that there is nothing inherently bad or wrong with anything you’re undergoing. Everything is material worthy of being paid attention to. Everything you’re experiencing is an opportunity for understanding and self-knowledge.

            Inside your own being is an essence that is ready to shine beyond the difficulties that life presents. Through the Transformational Healing Method, you receive tools and techniques and ways of extraordinary healing. As you move through the stages of “Experience, Release and Transform,” you first allow yourself to fully experience your experience, to come to know what’s taking place within you. Next, you’re able to release the experience, and then you can transform it.

Every experience carries a richness and has value. Paying close attention is the first step in the process of self-knowledge. It is a process of looking with an inner microscope or magnifying glass and just seeing what’s there. It’s about looking, for example, at current experiences that are taking place in the body – pains, constrictions, tingling, holding – whatever is happening in the moment. It’s also about looking at the mind and emotions – seeing whether there is sadness or rage or tightness or shame. It’s about looking even more deeply at the experience, possibly finding the roots. The roots may be in childhood, or they may go all the way back to the womb. Or they may go to another lifetime, or to a belief or a tendency of the mind.

Sometimes release happens naturally as a direct result of “looking deeply” or “paying attention.” Other times, we can assist in the release process by using techniques such as energy therapy (EFT), which taps away old traumas, fears, resentments, guilt, grief, shame, anger and emotional trauma.

            Release is a clearing out of your consciousness. It’s like cleaning out your closets and drawers, releasing old correspondence or outworn clothes. As you discard these, you ready yourself to invite in a new level of your life. You’re ready to initiate an opening of a reality that had previously been either closed or unknown.

Release, again, often takes place as a natural outgrowth of paying attention to your experience. As you stay with your experience, often a miracle happens. One person found a lotus at the bottom of a murky pond. Another felt as if she were experiencing a birth process through a very dark tunnel and out into an experience of light.

We remember that healing is the work of a lifetime, that healing is a cyclic process. We know that in this process we continue to transform darkness into light and to experience love, compassion, forgiveness, wisdom, the ability to stand back and see with greater perspective, and the ability to know the great power of healing.

For more information, see the book Extraordinary Healing: Transforming Your Consciousness, Your Energy System, and Your Life by Marilyn Gordon. You can find more information about it at You can also find manuals and workshops dedicated to this method at Look for the new manuals, “The Comprehensive Habit Control Manual” and “The Medical Transformational Healing Manual.” You can also find more information on sessions, hypnotherapy certification programs, tapes, presentations and articles. You can reach us at

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