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The Fulfillment of Infinite Possibilities:
How You Can Move to the Next Level of Your Life

Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI

“Let the beauty we love, be what we do.”-Rumi

Most human beings have dreams of accomplishing something, of making a contribution, of living out their missions in life. The nefarious and unsavory dreamers aside, most of these dreams are about positive expansion, fruition, and fulfillment. The only challenge is that in between the manifestation of these ends, there may be numerous obstacles. Fortunately, we have the technology, the tools, to move away the inner obstacles, which in turn dissolve the outer obstacles to assist people and ourselves in the realization of our infinite possibilities. Even in difficult times, the possibility for the realization of dreams persists.

The dreams range from the worldly to the philanthropic to the spiritual. They may be about becoming a great athlete, a successful hypnotherapist, dancer, artist, real estate agent, leader, monk or enlightened being. They may be task-oriented dreams, such as passing a difficult test or having a significant interview. They may be about getting a decent job or finding a good place to live.

The primary obstacle to their realization is what someone once said, “I can’t see myself doing that.” In other words, “I haven’t reached a place in my consciousness where I can conceive of myself at another level. I can’t fathom doing or being or having anything but what I’ve already known.”

There are many reasons for this.

· Low self-worth
“I don’t have what it takes to be at the next level. What! Little old me? I can’t see myself doing that.”

· Lack of a role model
“No one in my house ever did that, and anyway, they always told me I couldn’t.”

· Internal mental sabotage
“My friends won’t want to be with me anymore.”

· Holding on to comfort zones
“Even though I’m miserable, I’m comfortable here.”

· Lack of a plan of action
“I have no idea how to do it.”

· Lack of focus
“I’m not certain where I’m headed, and I don’t know if I can concentrate on it.”

· Huge and small fears
“Going to the next level is like standing at the edge of the universe, and that terrifies me. I’m scared to either succeed or fail.”

· Concerns about expending energy to go to the next level
“I don’t know if I want to do all that it takes. I already have a lot to do.”

· Spiritual concerns
“Maybe it’s not spiritual to have goals or desires. Maybe it’s not my karma or destiny to do that.”

The Persistence of the Dreams

Given all these considerations, still the dreams persist. The first step, then, is to pay attention to them, vivify them, and find out what is inside waiting to be revealed. “What would that look like or feel like or be like?” you may ask. Go within and look deeply at what is the prompting of your soul, as these dreams are in seed form in consciousness. Explore them as fully as possible. Look at them visually or listen to the words they have to speak or feel them emotionally or just get an impression of them. For this moment, forget the obstacles and just explore what is within you.

Next, hunt for the obstacles, pay close attention to them. This is what they need – your attention. They’ve been lurking in the corners of consciousness for too long, depleting energy, time, and funds, and sitting on the dreams. They need to be recognized, just as a small child needs to have attention. The worst thing you can do is to push them away. That digs them in deeper. So next we’ll talk about an astoundingly effective method of finding these inner saboteurs. It’s called ReSourcing.

How to do ReSourcing to Find the Inner Saboteurs

ReSourcing is a rapid process for finding out the inner saboteurs.

If you’re doing this with someone else, you say, “I’m going to begin a sentence, and I’d like you to finish it. Please don’t think about the answer. Just let the answer come from the top of your head.” You then take the issue and turn it into a negative statement.

You say, “What I’m going to say may sound a little bit negative, but just go along with it, if you will. Just finish this sentence, ‘I don’t want to expand my business because…’ Or, ‘I don’t want to do well on that test because…’ ”

The answer might be, “I don’t want to expand my business because I’m afraid I won’t do well.”

And you say, “And I don’t think I’ll do well because…”

The response: “Because I’ve failed before.”

And you say, “And I think it will happen again because….”

Here you get down to the bottom line, the lack of self-worth. You keep the question going and get more and more information until you feel satisfied that you’ve gotten to the bottom of things.

Tapping on the Obstacles

When you find them, you can do the special tapping techniques (EFT) to either eliminate or decrease their intensity. You identify each obstacle, and you rate it in intensity from one to ten. Then tap the outside of one hand, saying, “Even though I have this____, I choose to_____.” Or you can say, “Even though I have this_____, I deeply, completely accept myself.” Then you say the name of the obstacle as you tap on the following points: beginning of eyebrow; side of eye; under eye; under nose; under mouth; collarbone; under arm by ribs; top of head; side of hand; inside of wrist; top of the hand near the last two fingers. Do as many rounds as are necessary to bring down the intensity. “Even though I still have some of this ____, I choose to____.” Then say, “Remaining____” as you tap the points.

Further Exploration and Transformation of the Saboteurs 

You may also want to go within to experience the obstacles in greater depth. In this case, you explore them, release them, and transform into greater states of freedom.

One woman went inside and found how alone she felt in getting her work off the ground. No one was reaching in to help; they all were just observing. She decreased the intensity of her sadness and disappointment, and when she did this, she found in herself a new level of leadership and empowerment at the essence of herself. She knew she’d find the right people now to work with her.

Another woman went inside and found that she was a real estate agent with a total lack of confidence. She, too, found the essence of her courage and strength at her core, and she was finally able to experience herself as a successful human being.

By touching this inner core, a man was able to “be” the lawyer for the bar exam he was to take the next week. Another man knew his police sergeant stripes were ready to put on his uniform after he passed his coming test. He had stepped into the shoes he’d wear in the next level of his life.

The Steps That Need to be Taken

Some people have absolutely no idea where to begin. Others know exactly what they need to do, but one obstacle or another is in the way. Mind Mapping is an invaluable tool to bring out material from the deep inner mind in an organized and creative way. You start with a circle in the middle of a piece of paper. Here you write the main point you’re looking at, such as “The Next Steps for Me” or “What I Need to Do to Get My License” or “My Service to Humanity.” Then you draw spokes outward from the center of the circle. These are for writing your sub-points. Without “thinking,’ you begin to brainstorm with yourself by writing your ideas and plans on the radiating lines. This helps you to access your right brain, and it brings forth the resources that are within you. You may even come up with ideas about how to find information and assistance from the outer world. You make a plan, a plan that is as specific as you can be, with dates and times for completion of the steps.

Exploring the Infinite Potentials

In a state of deep relaxation, explore every nook and cranny of the life plan that is taking shape within you. You’ve done this at the beginning. Now do it again, without the burden of the inner saboteurs. Experience yourself on the inner levels doing, being, having your dream realized. Explore the steps you’ll take, and imagine yourself putting one foot in front of the other to take those steps. Be specific: How many hours of study will it take to pass that exam? When will you do it? How many people do you need to send your business cards and brochures to? How many hours of meditation do you want or need to do to create spiritual balance? There are a few more steps to take:

· What kinds of thoughts would inspire you as you move toward your fulfillment? What do you want or need to say to yourself to keep yourself on purpose? Find a key word or phrase and “anchor” it by putting your thumb together with your index finger to use at any time you may need a reminder.

· Make a tape for yourself, first relaxing your body and mind, and then stating your intention and the inspiring thoughts that help you to remember it.

· Know the inner resources that you have for moving in the direction of your dreams. What gifts and talents assure you success?

· Create a support group of like-minded people who will inspire you onward.

You can remind yourself that with the wisdom of your higher self and the power of your inner mind, you are truly moving in the direction of your highest good. Keep clearing out the obstacles and reinforcing the potentials. You have everything it takes to do what you came here for. Now, as Rumi has said, you can “let the beauty you love, be what you do.”

©2006 Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI
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