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Root Cause Technique
Based on BSFF, Be Set Free Fast, the Work of Larry Nims


Here is one version of a technique based on tapping specific energy points while using special verbalizations.

  • Get in touch with the issue and state it as clearly as possible.
  • Begin with setup: On karate chop point at outside of hand, say:
    "Even though I have this _____, I choose to______." (Or "I deeply, completely accept myself ______")(3X)
  • Tap at beginning of eyebrow, and say,
    "I am eliminating all of the sadness in the deepest root causes of this _____."
  • Tap under the eye:
    "I am eliminating all of the fear in the deepest root causes of this _____."
  • Tap on side of baby finger, near the nail on side closest to ring finger:
    "I am eliminating all of the anger in the deepest root causes of this _____."
  • Tap on other eyebrow point:
    "I am eliminating all of the emotional trauma in the deepest root causes of this _____."
  • Tap under mouth: eliminating all of the shame…
  • Tap on top of head: eliminating all of the guilt…
  • Tap on the heart center (whole hand or fingers): eliminating all of the grief….
  • Then tap on side of index finger near the nail, on the side closest to the thumb, and ask client to repeat after you:
    "I forgive myself for ever taking this on. I was only doing the best I could. I forgive everyone involved. They were only doing the best they could also. I love and accept myself. I am eliminating anything that would make me keep this _____ or allow it to come back in any way. I don't need this _____ any longer, because I now am able to replace my _____ with_____."(You can now begin to reframe and speak positively about all the changes that are ready to take place, e.g., "You learned from the experience, and now you see it differently. You understand that _____." etc.)

Note that in the last section, you have the option to change the wording any way you like. You may wish to creatively reframe the original issue.
You may want to get an intensity number from one to ten and see how the number decreases as you work.

©2006 Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI
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