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Manifest Life Dreams: Opening the Doors of Your Mind

Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI

Years ago when I was writing the beginning chapters of my first book, my mind told me that I most likely was writing drivel. I felt I was writing hackneyed phrases and rusty paragraphs, and even those words didn't come easily. My chosen cure was to go into hypnosis and see what I could find inside the many files of my deep inner mind and in the wisdom that I knew was encoded in my soul. I was greeted by some astounding visions. As I walked along a corridor lined with doors, I only had access to one door. That was "The Drivel Door." I peeked inside and found worn out sentences, dusty ideas, and limited inspiration. I wondered if I had to stay here, as it was very uncomfortable. Then the light bulb appeared to me, and I remembered that there were many other doors, and that I had myself chosen only to walk through this one. I could go back out into the corridor and try the other doorknobs. And that is what I did! I saw the signs on the other doors: The Door of Creative Inspiration, The Door of Guidance, The Door of a Thousand Ideas, and more. So this is how the doors opened up in my mind, the words began to flow, and a book grew from the process.

Opening the Doors of the Mind
In the same way, most of us are wearing blinders, and from this state, we create huge limitations. The blinders keep us from seeing and knowing the many Doors of the Mind that are available to us at any moment. Our thoughts are so powerful that the doors we walk through will determine what reality we live in and what we manifest for our lives.
Why is thought so powerful, and how can the blinders come off? As beings, we are composed of electromagnetic frequencies. Our bodies are electromagnetic, and so are our thoughts. Some people have been said to even see thoughts. So our thoughts are alive, electrical and magnetic. That means they are filled with energy and have the capacity to magnetize things or other thoughts to themselves. So first of all, we realize the great power of thought. Then we connect with a power that is greater than the thoughts, and then we open up the doors to more expanded life manifestations.
We have systems in ourselves like radio and TV antennae. Thoughts and patterns are swirling around us, inside and out, and when we're tuned into a particular station, we start to vibrate at the level of the thoughts we're tuned into. But - do touch that dial! Tune into another station and open up to other messages and other worlds. Best of all, tune into the divine station, and there is everything there we have ever wanted and could ever dream of. We can imagine ourselves as we'd like to be.

Imagining Yourself as You'd Like to Be
This step can also be called "trance rehearsal," and it works with the power of thought to manifest the next steps in life. Because of this, hypnotic suggestion is very powerful. Suggestion and imagination work with the higher, more subtle capacities of mind to manifest. After we take off the blinders and open up the doors in the mind, expanded worlds open up inside.
There was a 79 year old woman named Marie who lamented that she couldn't be near her family most of the time. She had moved to a senior community in another state, and she'd become very lonely. When asked what was in the way of her moving closer to her adult children, she paused for a while, and then she said that it was finances that were keeping her so far away. Her mind had opened one door only: "I have to be here because that is the only way I see being able to afford my life." And yet, when asked if she could open more doors inside herself to see more possibilities, the proverbial light bulb clicked on over her head. "Yes, there are communities closer to my family, and yes, there are other ways I can look into my living situation. I've been in a little box for too many years!" She opened up those doors and made plans to move very soon.
Many people lament that they're becoming unhealthy because of fast food restaurants. But when the blinders come off, they might say, "Hey, there are many other choices. I can go to the store and buy some other food. Now, that is a revelation!" The problem is that they've been going into one door with blinders on, and when the opening comes, many other opportunities are revealed.
So often, we can't conceive of ourselves at the next level. Either we haven't known what that is, or we may not be able to picture ourselves operating out of our current reality. Still, that current reality may be several sizes too small for us, and it's time to find a new size. That's when we go looking for the next step.

Becoming Inspired to Other Realities through the Wise Mind
There is a question that we ask over and over in hypnotherapy sessions, a quintessential question that is a master key to unlocking the Doors of Many Possibilities. The question is, "What would your Wise Mind tell you about that?"
The Wise Mind is a part of the Superconscious or Higher Self that holds the key to internal wisdom. It is the source of great understanding and infinite creative solutions, and it shows us how to see our situations with new eyes. We may have been mired in the quicksand of an issue for years, not knowing how to pull ourselves out. But there is the "homeopathic remedy of the soul" called the Wise Mind that can tell us the alternatives and offer some brilliant answers. Wisdom is one of the greatest qualities of the higher mind, along with peace, light, and love. It is a part of the universal mind, and it is embedded within us as a way out of our dilemmas.
Absolutely everyone has the ability to contact the Wise Mind, even people that never knew they had one. Just ask, "What would your Wise Mind tell you about that?" and watch the doors open inside. The Wise Mind might tell you, "In order to get a new job, you first have to do a magnificent job at your old one. Then you can move on." Or it might say, "Go ahead and move on now. You've reached a state of completion with that relationship." Or it might say, "There are many ways you can bring in more income. Sit down with yourself and first pray; then make a list. Then go out and put your thoughts into action." Or it might say, "Of course you're worthy of love. You're a beautiful being of the universe, and you deserve to have good in your life."
Working with the Wise Mind is using the faculties that have been given as a sublime gift. It can serve to open any closed or unknown doors that can lead us to the next level of our lives.

Other Steps to Manifestation
To open up the next level of your life requires clarity about your direction. It also requires you to understand and transform the inner saboteurs or obstacles, the guardians at the gate. To have a concrete plan is also important. It is also necessary to be able to imagine yourself as that next step. Most important is the connection with a transcendent reality. It provides the force and inspiration behind all creations. It is the creative inner force that propels the opening of new realities. There are more things in heaven and earth than we've dreamed of, and now we can open the Doors of Perception to see what other possibilities are waiting there for us to find.

©2006 Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI
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