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Healing the Frozen Pictures in the Soul

Marilyn Gordon, Cht, C.I.

Inside us there are frozen pictures that are determining the course of our lives. We have behaviors and feelings we donít understand and canít explain. What is behind the sadness, the anger, and the fear? What is preventing our happiness? If we look deeply enough, there are some astounding answers. Frozen Pictures in the Soul are freeze-framed inner pictures, frozen within us at times of significant life experiences. They live within a magnificent database of the deep inner mind, like statues from that childhood game in which someone yells, "Freeze!" Ė and you stand suspended in a posture, frozen in time. In this great database, like the soulís Internet, there are children who are lost, teenagers whoíve been hurt, young people who are scared. And there are, of course, the happy children and the joyous adults who live in this database too. All of these inner characters are also electromagnetic. Because they are electromagnetic, they draw to them similar incidents, the purpose of which is ultimate healing.

These characters, though seemingly from the past, exist within us in the here and now - in this very moment. They are present, yet veiled. We are most often not aware of them and how they are at the root of many of our behaviors. Itís often a life-transforming event to find these "beings" inside of us. In many ways theyíve been asking us to pay attention to them. Itís as if theyíve gone to sleep in an uncomfortable position, and theyíve been asleep for so long that now they need some assistance in waking up. So many of our myths express this, including Rip Van Winkle and Sleeping Beauty. Our wax museums and galleries are filled with casts of characters frozen in a moment in time.

Electromagnetic Pictures

Itís interesting that the particular characters in the databases of our being are electromagnetic. They are because we are electromagnetic by our very nature. Our cells are vibrating, and the energy in our cells is both electrical and magnetic energy. The "frozen pictures" are therefore electromagnetic, and they keep drawing to us similar incidents and experiences so that we can heal them. They are at the root of many of our feelings and behaviors and can seem to hold us back. A child, for example, sees her young sister choking on food. They go to the hospital with their mother, and everyone is panicked. The young sister recovers, and the other one has an almost mortal imprint on her soul. All the rest of her life, this one keeps in her inner database the frozen picture of the terrified child who has decided then and there that the world isnít safe. She has been living on tranquilizers until the "search-and-transform squad" finds the frantic frozen picture and gives it an opportunity to heal.

In the "inner Internet" they live, cataloged in time. This is an Internet of holograms and photos of all that has transpired in our lives. The pictures exist, mostly unhealed, until the alarm is sounded by one too many life exigencies or traumas or experiences, and the missing links are finally found. We may want to push these pictures down, say, "Go away!" to them. But thatís their very problem and why they may be in such dire straits. If we push them down, they pop up like jack-in the-boxes at some other time in which theyíre triggered once again by a similar circumstance. So ignoring them exacerbates the problem. If we can find them, we can create more growth when we unravel their mysteries and unfreeze them from their states of suspended animation.

We all have these pictures, and it is possible to find them. In the same way that weíve captured moments in our photo albums, so do we capture moments in the deep inner mind, and the inner characters in these moments help to shape our behaviors and thoughts. There may be a small teenage boy, teased by the others, who now questions his strength. There may be a tiny girl who when molested, has frozen in a state of shock, anger and fear - so much that her current relationships are strained. There may be a mother who lost her children and who remains in a state of perpetual grief. Once retrieved and paid attention to, all these beings can be wakened, recognized, loved, soothed, and healed.

The Kiss of Healing

Itís as if there is a "healing kiss" and then a waking up. You wake up from this dream of insufficiency, neglect, fear, and lack of love. You tap the picture on its virtual shoulder and tell it that it may not be necessary to hold that terrible vision any longer. This is the beginning of the process of healing. But how do you find them? Where do you look? You go within and ask, "Who or what is it within me that is experiencing this?" You watch and listen and feel for any answer that wishes to reveal itself to you. You may be surprised at what comes. It may be something you havenít even suspected. It may come to you visually as an actual picture. It may come as a feeling in your body. It may come as a sound or series of sounds. It may be an impression. Anything that comes to you is fine. Just keep up the process of inner inquiry, and see what wishes to reveal itself to you. "Who or what is it thatís at the root or the core of my (you fill this part in)? What is it I need to know or understand about this to heal myself?" Let it come to you.

The first step then is to pay attention to what you find. Just explore it and let yourself feel whatever it is youíre feeling. Find out whatever you can about it. Ask it as many questions as you like. "Who are you? Whatís happening? What do I need to know?"

Then you may want to ask what this character needs. Youíll find that the answer is usually that it needs love. It needs for you to not push it away or ignore it. It needs your acceptance. You may want to find out how best to give it love. Would it like to be held? Loved by a special person? Loved by a spiritual being? Would it like to itself feel love? Would it like to feel strength? Is there any special healing that it needs? Does it need to cleanse away old difficult experiences? What wisdom does it need to hear?

The next question you may then want to ask is "What would my Wise Mind want to tell me about this? This is a life-altering transformational question. Perhaps your Wise Mind would like to tell you what the entire experience has meant to your growth. It may want to show you more ways you can heal. It may want to offer you a transformed way of looking at the entire experience. The teacher White Eagle, in a book called Heal Thyself, has said:

"Every soul seems to suffer; but if you can see that suffering in its right perspective, you will see that it brings a rebirth. Through limitation and suffering, the soul emerges into the divine life and light, just as the insect emerges from the chrysalis stage into a beautiful winged creature in the sunlight."

No longer in suspended animation, but existing now in real time and in a transformed state, you can go about your life feeling a sense of connection. You can breathe freely, knowing that a part of you has been released from a state of constraint. This freedom in the soul is a blessed state, and it comes through a process of inquiry, transformation and healing. It comes with that wake-up touch that forever changes the course of your own lifeís history.

©2006 Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI
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