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EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques
Marilyn Gordon's Version, Updated 9-04

1) Find the issue that you'd like to tap on. Make sure it's specific and that you're experiencing it. Next, rate its intensity - ten the most and zero the least. Then decide what you'd choose to do instead of what you've been doing.


2) Do the "setup" three times, tapping on the side of the hand, saying, "Even though I have this______(name of your issue), I choose to _______(what you'd like to do instead).

3) Now say only the name of your issue: "this_____" or "my _____" - as you tap on the various points, naming your issue over and over.
Here's where you tap:
The beginning of your eyebrow (on any side you like); the side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, under the mouth, collarbone, under the arm by the ribs, top of the head, side of the hand, inside of the wrist, and the top of the hand between the last two fingers.

4) Now tap on the opposite side of your body, using positive phrases. You say, "I choose to…." as you tap each point. You mention what you choose to do instead of what you've been doing. Then you find out the intensity of your original issue.


5) Tap on the side of your hand (only once this time), saying, "Even though I still have some of this_____, I choose to _____." Again, you say the name of your issue only and tap on the points, saying: "Remaining _____" as you tap each point. Do the positive "I choose to…" phrase on the other side of the body. When you're done, get an intensity rating.


6) Tap on the side of your hand (again only once), and say, "Even though I still have a little bit of this _____, I choose to_____." Then tap on the points, saying "a little bit of _____" with each point. Tap also on the opposite side, saying the positive, "I choose to_____." Get a rating.

Do this until you feel complete.
It's not important which side you tap on. It's good to alternate sides, but it's not significant which side you tap on.

©2006 Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI
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Also, check out for extended EFT information.
Thanks to Gary Craig and Patricia Carrington for EFT models.