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Contacting the Power of Healing

Marilyn Gordon, Cht

The force field of healing – the universal energy, the great healing power – is a vibratory level, a beam, a state of being, in which you’re in touch with the transcendent and radiant power of the universe. Some people experience it visually – and others perceive it as a feeling or a kinesthetic experience. I might experience it as a ray that pours down into me – especially through the top of my head, or one that radiates from me – as emanations of light from my entire body. Sometimes I experience this healing power more on a mental level – a thought that a force in this universe is always directed toward healing.

The beauty of this contact with the “Force” is that it can be the fuel for the healing of all aspects of your life. Strange, but the dark forces need no invocation. They come as they will. The healing powers need to be invited in.

When they enter, these powers can heal your childhood, your relationships, your emotions, your work, your body – your life. It’s a question of how to call them in.

Years ago, I was experiencing some emotional upheaval. It was triggered by a sudden loss that was not major, but that grew into a much larger experience. For several months, I felt worthless, insecure, grieved. I’d cry at nothing. Someone told me that I was going through an opening of all my “centers” – but it certainly didn’t feel that way. One day, I experienced an “I’ve had it” moment, and I made an internal decision to shift this state of mind that had been limiting my life.

I’d been reading a book that I'd bought in the town of Mount Shasta – a small, beautiful town at the foot of the majestic mountain. There was a tiny store in the town with a reading room. It was called the “I AM Society,” and I bought a hardbound green book there called The I AM Chronicles. Its language was dynamic and euphoric – all about the great transcendent magnetic beams of magnificent universal power that are available to us when we invoke them. The key words were “I AM.” They caused the heavens to open and the beams to flow radiantly from the ultimate Source of electromagnetic power.

As I read this small green volume, I realized that this power could heal most of the difficulties of life. I knew that my emotional upheaval could now come to an end. On the inner level, I was given an invocation, which was “I AM the Power of Healing, and I AM healing myself now.” I made an agreement with myself to say it constantly and to counter anything unlike it that came into my mind and consciousness. I realized that this was more than an affirmation. I was reaching to the Divine, to the healing beams of the universe each time I said it.

In this way, I was determined to be free of the debilitating state of consciousness I was creating from within myself. I had paid a great deal of attention to my difficult thought process prior to this – looked at the dynamics from many angles, including past lives, childhood, and more. Yet the pattern persisted.

When I began to say, “I AM the Power of Healing, and I AM healing myself now,” thoughts would bubble up from the subterranean ocean of thought forms, such as “You’re not good enough for____(whatever was on my mind at the time.)” I remembered my agreement with myself to persevere, to not take “no” for an answer. Instead, I said, “No” to the anonymous voices that were attempting to bring me back into the quagmire.

As I continued to proclaim the truth – that “I AM the Power of Healing,” a strength entered me. I became centered and clear. I continued to say “No” to the “negatives.” Within two days, I was transformed. I could close my eyes and experience beams of light entering the top of my head and moving though my being. I could feel the beams of light radiating from my own heart. The tears and insecurity were gone.

I had to understand, of course, that healing is the work of a lifetime, and that it would be necessary for me to invoke these powers whenever the darkness might reappear. I knew I always had the connection and that healing was always totally available. All I had to do was remember. Someone soon after that experience gave me a card with a picture of Obi Wan Kenobi from “Star Wars” wielding his light saber. This reminded me of his words to Darth Vader: “You can slay me, but even then I will be more powerful than you.” The Light forces have great power, even if the darkness can sometimes seem daunting and can give the appearance of prevailing. The Light forces, in the end, have even greater power.

For me, I pictured the Healing Power as beams of light emanating from the universe and surrounding me. Others have told me they experience is as a great ocean or as a triumphant mountain or a voice, and angel, or a great forest. This representation is very personal. Suffice it to say that it’s a magnificent Power that we can invoke upon by calling to the great “I AM.”

The “I AM” and “Om” are very similar. Both are actual embodiments of what they represent. Both “ I AM” and “OM” are words that contain seeds of the universal energy they represent. They are “seed syllables” or “sounds” that contain the universe as a microcosm in their very being. So when I say either one of those seed syllables, I AM speaking the Name and embodying the very experience of the great universal power. That’s why it is quite disadvantageous to follow the “I AM” with a negative, such as “I am sick” or “I am bad” or I am a failure.” The “I AM” is so empowered, so imbued with manifesting energy, that to use it with a negative is to use it for unfavorable ends.

“ I AM the Power of Healing, and I AM healing myself now” invokes the healing power – calls to it – and it also embodies it. It vibrates at the level of the great power of the universe. Here I AM both beckoning to and acknowledging the great existence of the healing power. We are able to bring the I AM power to bear upon all the issues of life. It can help us resolve our difficulties and challenges and can move us to higher and higher levels of consciousness.

©2006 Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI
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