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A Tool Kit for Inner Healing

 By Marilyn Gordon

            Even though we have brilliant healing resources inside, we have habitual tendencies of the mind that play like endless tape loops, tendencies that cause us suffering of one kind or another. Called samskaras or vasanas in Sanskrit, they’re fuel for the work we’ve come to this earth to do. Some of us are constantly thinking, pondering, worrying, figuring it all out.  Some of us have a tendency to feel insecure, put ourselves down, feel less worthy than almost everyone else. Some feel perpetually resentful or rageful or grief-filled. Others primarily see the dark sides of life. All of these tendencies are karmic; they’re stamped on our consciousness by numerous factors in our history and our thought structures.

 On the other hand, there are also affirmative tendencies in our consciousness, flows that constitute our resources for healing. These are the remedies that are waiting for us in the soul. When we put our full awareness on the difficult tendencies, we are naturally led to a fundamental source of well being that lies at our essence, a source that embodies qualities of peace, bliss, wisdom, comfort and ease. To come to this source, we just have to know how to crack the code.

            Here is a “tool kit for inner healing,” a process that can be used in the moment for re-centering and transformation. It can be carried with you wherever you go, as all you need is a watchful and wise mind, and a thumb and index finger anchor – or any other one that you like. It can be used with children as well as adults of any age. It’s a bridge from recurrent suffering to ease in the soul.

The Three Steps

            This is the three-step process for working with these mind tendencies:

1)      Pay attention

2)      Invite in the healing resources

3)      Anchor the resource states.

            You can use this with or without an induction. The first step, then, is to pay attention, become the witness. It’s a type of healing art form, in which you step away from the experience so that you watch it happening at the same time as you’re experiencing it. You explore what the manifestations are within you. You explore in the witness state exactly what is going on inside. You pay attention to the way the body feels. You notice thought forms that arise. You watch patterns of breathing. You see if any previous experiences wish to present themselves to you. You remain as present in the moment with this experience as you possibly can. You explore whatever you are “experiencing in your deep inner mind.”  You may find a tightness in the chest or a pain somewhere. You may find that the breathing is shallow or that a thought springs up out of the blue. You may find tears coming or anger rising to the surface. Whatever it is, you just pay attention. It’s about becoming centered and creating a bridge from suffering to presence.

            The next step is to ask the Wise Mind, “ What resources do you have within you that can assist you with this?”  The answers will arise spontaneously your own relaxed mind. Some possible resources might be:

- recalling a state of happiness or great peace from a previous time

- experiencing an object that is particularly healing – like a waterfall

- getting in touch with a comforting and loving person

- feeling light streaming down on you or from you

- experiencing yourself in an altered circumstance

- allowing yourself to fully experience the present moment

- touching into a divine presence

- or whatever else the healing mind wishes to present to you.

If you know the energy therapies, you can use these here also.

            Something else you can do is to create a “release ceremony.” It’s akin to an “inner space clearing” or even a modified “entity release” in which you invite the difficult experience to be released into the light.

            The last step is to anchor this state. The one we use the most is first finding a word, phrase or image that symbolizes this altered experience and then putting your thumb together with your index finger while experiencing this anchor. Each time you put your thumb together with your index finger and experience the anchor, you’re able to bring yourself back to this state of being, the resource state of comfort and ease.

            If you like, you can make a tape that preserves this individualized process.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Experiences

            An essential point to note is that the technique that emerges comes from within yourself when you’re doing self-healing – not from a script or a book, not from something that is superimposed from without. Though there are many effective and beautiful extrinsic experiences, this one is the intrinsic product of asking particular questions while you are in a state of deep relaxation, and of using this material as the substance of your healing process. The crucial questions to ask here are:

“What is it that you’re experiencing in your deep inner mind?”

and then:

“What resources do you, the Wise Mind, have within you that can assist you with this experience?”

            The “deep inner mind” is another term for the subconscious. The “Wise Mind” is the higher faculty of advanced consciousness, wisdom, or guidance that is innate in the human organism. Such intrinsic experiences arise during a process of inner inquiry. Extrinsic experiences, on the other hand, are imposed from an external source. Both have their appropriate place. This particular inner healing process uses experiences that arise from an inner source.  

The Tool Kit in Action

            A young woman had a habitual tendency to put herself down or to feel put down by others. She was, in a word, insecure.  Paying attention to it, she found knots in her stomach, tightness in many places in her body. Her Wise Mind showed her a bird of freedom taking away her burdens. She felt light and free. She put her thumb together with her index finger, saying, “I am lightness.” This is something she can do consistently in the context of her life to keep centering her if the pattern resurfaced.

 When working with such samskaras, it is important to have something to carry into daily life to reinforce the healing experience, as these tendencies don’t just get pulled up like a bunch of turnips or radishes; they are deeply ingrained. This is why it’s important to have a tangible anchoring experience that can be used on a regular basis, in addition to the process of paying full attention to the difficulty.

Another woman had great childhood pain and sadness. In paying attention, she felt the sadness all through her body, bracing herself for something terrible to happen, always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Her Wise Mind showed her the great resource she had for healing this sadness: the love of her grandmother. She put her thumb together with her index finger, experienced herself together with her grandmother, as she said, “I am loved.”

  The experience of love is the central healing resource that is innate in everyone, and it manifests in one form or another. It is highly significant, as the lack of love is the primary cause of all human emotional difficulties, and it can be called forth through an anchor, a powerful healing tool.

            Still one more woman had a paralyzing fear of going to the dentist. She paid attention to a feeling of panic, like she might pass out. She remembered a dentist from when she was ten, a man who had been cruel and who’d hurt her. Her Wise Mind gave her two angels – one of Courage and one of Peace. She anchored with her thumb and index finger, seeing the angels and saying the words, “Courage and Peace.” Her next visit to a dentist was ecstatic and beautiful. Not only had she uncovered a root cause of her distress, but she was also able to shift her consciousness to a state of comfort and peace.

            It would be ideal if all you had to do were to do this once, and it would last forever. That can happen, but often patterns recur. As you meet them with awareness and perseverance, you build your healing and enlightenment step by step. It is your good fortune that you have a healing tool kit that you carry around with you at all times, something that is innate in your being. When you pay attention, invite in the healing resources, and anchor the resource states, you are able to be more consistently in touch with your radiant and loving essence.

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