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  September 2008  
Yes, the Healing Power is Real!

Healing Comes Directly from Source


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The Power of Being
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     When you contact the healing power, you may not know the form the healing will take. Below is a poem written by a friend. She prayed to the healing power and received its grace, even while she knew that she was being called to the other side through the agent of cancer. One of her beautiful poems appears below.
With love to you,
  Marilyn Gordon            Flower Design 1

The Power of Being

I see waves
vibrating through
invisible space
reaching everyone
in need of
sent from the
heart of
directly from
Love reflects
back into the
of those who
are open to
the power
of Being.

 From the poetry of Denise Diamond
The Flowering of Grace, A Gentle Path to Healing
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