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May 2008 
How to Connect with
The Healing Power 
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Many blessings
 to you!
May the light of the universe shine upon you!
Do You Feel Connected with The Healing Power?

      You may feel the presence of the Healing Power - or you may wonder about its existence.  To me, it is a strong force in the universe, a power that exists both independently and within everything both animate and inanimate.
What is this Power?
      It's an ever-present force that is eternal and changeless and is pure spirit or God-energy. I feel that we can call to it and invite it into our lives. Energy workers, Reiki practitioners, hypnotherapists and healers of all kinds work with the Healing Power all the time. So do those who pray and give love and kindness to others.
How do you Bring It into Your Life?
      You can invite it in, welcome it, and ask it to release its great power in your life, helping you to break free of every limitation and bring in light. You can thank it with every inch of gratitude in your heart and ask it to shed its grace upon you - and on your fellow beings as well.
You Can Say This:
      If you like, you can say, "I AM that I AM the Power of Healing." So when you think a thought you don't want to think or you have a difficult situation, you can say those words and they will be an invitation to the Great Healing Power to shine forth in your life.
Would you like to create a deeper connection with the Healing Power?
     Go here to read about a wonderful telecourse we're having on healing and transforming any issue in your life. We're beginning on June 25, and we're going to have a very loving and healing experience.
With love to you,
Marilyn Gordon 

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Our Dear Friend Kim Markison is Giving a Free Teleclass Tonight.

 Thursday, June 19, at 5pm PST, 8pm EST
Kim is the co-founder  of the wonderful web site Hypno-Freedom. She's a hypnotherapist, and she taught at our school until she moved to Oregon. She'll be discussing the importance of relaxation and detoxification and increasing your ability to tap into the powers of your own intuition!

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If you're ready to get a certificate to put on your wall - or if you know someone who's ready, and you can be in Oakland on Monday the 23rd, we'd love to have you in our training program. We get rave reviews for our curriculum, our teachers, our energy, atmosphere, and educational quality.   
Hypnosis in Your Nursing Practice
This excellent class is coming up in Oakand on June 29th with Seth-Deborah Roth. Get CEUs for hypnotherapists and nurses.

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