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June 2008 
How to See Your Life in an Entirely New Way!
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You Can Create a Transformed Interpretation of Your Life!

            When you take a different point of view toward something that has taken place in your life and tell a story about it, you adopt a transformational vision in which you see the great overview from the vantage point of the Wise Mind. The old way would be: "My wife left me, and I was filled with grief, and it ruined my life and took everything I had." The Wise Mind way would sound like this: "I had a great fierce teacher who came into my life and opened the possibilities by freeing me to be able to go on my path of healing. And though it seemed to be very painful at the time, I know as I look at it now that it was a great transformational experience. It gave me a sense of my own power. I realized that the true reality is love, and I opened myself to see the love in everything."
             Perhaps ther's something in your own life that has been difficult. Know that it's over now, and that with the power of your superconscious higher vision, you can transform your understanding of it. This is a good way to move on and reveal the pure greatness that lies inside your heart. 

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