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July 2008 
A New Way of Looking at
 Your Thinking!
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Laughing at
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Is it really so funny?
  Okay, I'm convinced. I'll laugh! 
Follow the Laughing Buddha! 

"As soon as you have made a thought, laugh at it." That's from Lao-tzu, and that's what the people in NLP call a "pattern-interrupt" - a way of stopping or transforming the way things are going. That's not a bad idea - just stand back and look at your thinking and see it for what it is. It's just thinking and worthy of a hearty laugh, acknowledging that it may be a hill of beans. (Well, yours may be brilliant, but I'm talking about the norm.) In my own self-hypnosis, I once revisited a whole group of people laughing at me - at the way I was playing in a piano recital when I was eleven. At first, I didn't take well to it - but then the Laughing Buddha came into the scene and with a huge belly laugh, he said, "So what?" Right! So what! Maybe we can say that to our other thoughts too. 

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 With love to you,
Marilyn Gordon 

Wednesday, July 2nd, our special new Healing Telecourse continues to assist you to heal and transform anything in your life and reach new levels of spiritual growth!

                        You can still join us!
We record each class, so you can begin Wednesday night and listen to last week's class via recording. This week is class #2.
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                    We've Moved Our Center 
No, it's not far away. It's in the same building as before, another suite. We love it. It has more floor space and a nice white Berber carpet. It's now in Suite 205. Wer'e still decorating it, but you can take a look at it in its current state. Click here to see it before we transform it even more.
        Psychic/Intuitive Skills Workshop 
         with Four Fantastic Instructors 

             Saturday & Sunday, July 26 & 27th, 2008
                            9:30am to 5:30pm
Everyone has clairvoyant/intuitive abilities. No matter what level you're starting from, here is an opportunity to develop your innate abilities and learn new skills.  Your instructors will help you identify your natural talents and then offer guidance and exercises to turn these talents into skills.