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January 2009 
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Past Lives
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We've already looked at how past lives help you to understand your current lifetime by showing you origins of many patterns and relationships. We've looked at how exploring past lives can unveil mysteries.  Let's take a look at other phenomenal ways that the knowledge of past lives can deepen your own understanding of yourself and your life:
Past Lives Create Opportunities to Heal
Deep inner realms! 
 You can find the origins of fears, addictions, and even illnesses  by exploring past lives.

 You can look at the skills and abilities you've earned in previous lifetimes.

 You return to earth with people you've known before, and soul groups incarnate together. Your destiny brings you to the people you'll share time with.

 Genders can change from one lifetime to another.

 Manners of expression, such as writing styles, continue from lifetime to lifetime.

 People are often attracted to geographic settings of past lives.

 You can witness the way you died in a given lifetime and find peace about that.

 Emotions that come up when you experience a past life can be transformed.

 You can heal the experiences of past lives by experiencing them, releasing them, and transforming them.

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