The Transformation News
December 2008 
Compelling Prayers for
 Healing and Prosperity

This is a Time of Rebirth
If you're looking to transform your life in powerful ways, now is the time, and prayer is one way to help you. It's a transformational time on the planet. The old difficult critters are coming out of the woodwork as the light shines brighter in every corner. The difficulties have come to take you to another level of your life by asking you to be filled with courage and strength and to move into your next steps. It's the time of the winter solstice, December 21,  a time of rebirth, a time to create new intentions, bring in more light, and move yourself to a higher vibration of life.

Prayer is a Way to Create a Higher Vibration in Your Life
 The best prayers are done with an open heart, more than a rote recital. Some of the best prayers are done in a state of gratitude, with a "Thank you."  You can say:
 "I give thanks for my perfect work."
 "I give thanks for my powerful healing."
 "I give thanks for my great relationship."
 "I give thanks for my true prosperity."

You can come from a state of gratitude for what you might not already see, but for which you're giving thanks in advance. And you can give thanks for all you have and all you are, for when you look at it, you are truly blessed.

A Thank You Prayer
Thank you for the blessings I receive in my life. Thank you for my food,
my home, my consciousness. Thank you for sending me prosperity and
well being, and thank you for leading me on the best path for me. I am
eternally grateful, and I thank you for showing me the best ways to be
of service in this world.

A Tibetan Prayer
May all beings be peaceful.
May all beings be happy.
May all beings be safe.
May all beings awaken to the light of their true nature.
May all beings be free.

A Hindu Prayer
Oh God, lead us from the unreal to the Real. Oh
God, lead us from darkness to light. Oh God, lead
us from death to immortality. Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
unto all.

A Jewish Prayer
Come let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,
that we may walk the paths of the Most High. And
we shall beat our swords into ploughshares, and our
spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up
sword against nation-neither shall they learn war
any more. And none shall be afraid.

A Christian Prayer
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be
known as the Children of God. But I say to you
that hear, love your enemies, do good to those who
hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those
who abuse you. And as you wish that others would do to you, do so
to them.

Blessings to you in this profound time - this time of year, this time in history, this time in your own life.
Sending you love and healing,
Marilyn Gordon
Here are Some Previews of Coming Attractions
 for 2009:
We'll be having a great offering of teleseminars and telecourses, including a course in Accomplishing Something Great in This New Time, as well as Raising Your Vibration, Healing Yourself and Others, Becoming an Internet Spiritual Entrepreneur, Medical Hypnotherapy, and HypnoCoaching

Also, coming up at our Center in Oakland:
January 25th Past Life Healing Certification Program with Marilyn Gordon
Hypnotherapy Certification,
Overcoming Blocks with Susanne West
NLP with Hollis Polk
And much more to be announced soon.

You'll also be able to get
Home study courses In Healing and Transformation, as well as New Business for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, and  CDs and MP3s to take you to profound places in your consciousness.

Sending you great love and gratitude for your presence.
Please write to us and tell us what courses, programs, and products you'd like from us in 2009!

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