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August 2008 
How Do You "Save" a Positive State of Mind? 
When we do our hypnosis sessions, we almost always use an anchor as a way to "save" the positive messages we get. The anchor we use the most is pressing the thumb together with the index finger. When you'd like to save your work on your computer, you press "save." In the same way, you save a positive message or state of mind.
The Thumb and the Index Finger
Together the thumb and index finger create the "okay" sign-and yet they do much more. If you've looked at a sculpture or painting from India, Tibet, China, Korea, or Japan, the spiritual figures in them often hold their hands in certain positions. The thumb together with the index finger is one we see often. These hand positions are called mudras.
What are Mudras?
Mudras are positions of the body that have particular types of influences on the energies of your body or on your mood. For spiritual figures, such hand positions are believed to generate forces that invoke the sacred. So if you want to invoke the sacred and create a state of relaxation and peace, go ahead and press your thumb together with your index finger, and then give yourself a positive message. "I AM whole, powerful, perfect, and abundant, and I AM transforming my life now."
Take it from the Sages
Finger positions are profoundly healing, and they can remind you of the sacred life of tranquility and enlightenment. In the midst of a busy life, you can call upon them as supreme reminders.
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