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April 2008

   I AM as a Password for Life Transformation and Power

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          The I AM power is the healing power of the universe. It's the force from which the universe is made, and it is also the basic substance of which you are made. It's the Great Spirit, the God power, the universal substance, the All That Is, the Divine. By recognizing the I AM qualities of love, wisdom, peace, truth, radiance, and light, you can come to know the magnificent consciousness that is your core. This consciousness is the remedy for all the difficulties of ordinary existence.


Transforming Negativities

When you put negativities after I AM, as in "I am sick" or "I am a failure," it creates limitation. This is why it is so important to be conscious of the ways you're using language. You can say, "No, that isn't so. I AM the power of transformation, healing, and love." Whenever you use the words I AM, you're opening wide the door of healing, and you're bringing eternal energies into your life. You are the I AM power, and you are filled with enormous capacities for transformation.


The Password Effect

The word OM is a form of "I AM" as well. You can use these passwords for life transformation. You can say, "I AM the power of healing, and I AM healing myself now."

Or, "I AM the Power of Transformation."

Or, "I AM the wisdom, love, and light of the universe."

        Using these words is a call to the Universe, to the healing power, to God, asking that the doors be opened to release the awareness of pure and radiant energy into your life.

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April 5 & 6 and May 3 & 4

HypnoCoaching Certification


   Become a Certified HypnoCoach, and expand your work to a new level. In just a short while, you'll have the ability to do life-coaching work in person or by phone anywhere in the world! This is a truly exciting opportunity to coach clients to get what they really want and to transform their lives. Sarah Horton and Hollis Polk are the instructors.

Click here for more information and enrollment.
Begins April 7 
Hypnotherapy Certification Intensive
Come to a superb certification program and upgrade your skills for assisting people to resolve all the issues of their lives.
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                 April 19 & 20           

Certification in Pain Management with Hypnosis 

               Come to an enlightening, educational program focusing on the uses of hypnosis and hypnotic techniques for pain management. You can immediately apply these skills in your hypnotherapy, nursing, or other practice. Seth-Deborah Roth is the instructor.

Find out more here.

April 27                        

NLP for Professional and Self-Development

NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) is a powerful set of tools that explores each person's unconscious subjective reality.  You can then work with these representations so that your clients get what they consciously choose to have in life - even if your client is you!  Hollis Polk is the instructor.

Learn more here.

May 17 & 18 in Oakland;

             August 6 & 7 in Boston
The Transformational Healing Method Certification Program
Increase your skills for doing first-rate transformational work that helps clients to find the expansive powers of greatness within them. With Marilyn Gordon. More information
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You're Invited to Use Our Center!

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    About Our Graduate,
                   Connie Rose
       Connie Rose Coaching is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses reach their highest potential by teaching people how to access and understand their own innate wisdom. Connie is a certified hypnotherapist through our program, a nutritionist, and a coach. .She gives fascinating and informative workshops, coaches individuals, and does private hypnotherapy sessions. You can find out more about Connie here.
She is currently working on a great marketing workshop program with Karen Frank. Here's more information on that program:
April 18 & 19 in Walnut Creek CA - a workshop on marketing, networking, creating more abundance, and putting your message out to the world. Click here for much more information.
With love and many blessings,

Marilyn Gordon
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